Shekou 2-hour cycling strategy, with magazine covers all along the way!

A treasure short ride line was found in Shekou.

It started from Shekou Lighthouse Memorial Platform to Shenzhen Bay Sea Wind Sports Park.

It took half an hour to ride along the sea plank road by sharing bicycles.

It was very comfortable for lovers to experience the romance of Shenzhen in the early winter.


It is early winter to ride along the beautiful coastline of Zui in Shenzhen downtown.

Shenzhen is still sunny in November.

This comfortable weather is especially suitable for going to the seaside to empty your mind and body! Xiao Bian recommends that everyone come to Shekou to ride around the sea.

Here is the beautiful coastline of Shenzhen Zui.

Take advantage of the good weather, get together with three or five friends, ride a shared bike, face the sun, blow the sea breeze, and enjoy the beauty of life.

Starting from Shekou Lighthouse to Shenzhen Bay Haifeng Sports Park, you can normally ride to the destination in about half an hour.

Along the way, you will meet many amazing scenery and interesting people.


In the afternoon, you can ride and play at the seaside of Shekou.

When you are tired, you can sit on the viewing platform, listen to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, and quietly blow the sea breeze for a while.

You can also chat with people fishing at the seaside in the early winter, ask for some fishing tips, and see the fruitful results of the TAs, The whole process is quite healing.

During the ride of “taking photos in reed fields”, you will pass a reed field that is taller than people.

The beauty of blue sky and green reeds is printed into your eyes, which is a good time to punch in.

Don’t forget to take out your mobile phone to take photos and record the moment~”Walking in Children’s Amusement Park” passed by the children’s park, and quietly watched the “Walking in Children” of the parents and mothers.

The parent-child interaction between parents and children allows the wandering editor, I miss my family for a moment~”Dock Ship Clock in” During this ride, you can also see the docks on the coastline.

You can stop here for a while and take a photo with me.

At last, you come to the destination Shenzhen Bay Haifeng Sports Park, where there is a large area of urban beach.

There are few people, the sand is fine and white, the water is clear and clean, which is very suitable for picnic.

You can return to the lighthouse after playing on the beach for a while, Watch a fantastic sunset theater! 03.

The Seaside Sunset Theatre starts at 5 o’clock! At 5:00, the Sunset Theatre will be staged on time.

You can ride back to Yuehai Square, where the whole line of Zui is suitable for watching sunsets.

On the left, you can enjoy the sea and the long bridge, and on the right, you can watch the lighthouse and sunset.

The double scenery will be beautiful to your eyes.

From 5:00 to 6:00, you can quietly watch the sunset fall from the sea level, which is a dreamy orange sea.

It will melt with the sea, romantic and intoxicating, It is suggested that you should not miss every minute.

Every moment has different changes.

You can unlock the sunset magazine blockbusters with one shot.

Finally, I suggest getting off at the east corner of the subway, walking for one kilometer or taking a taxi to the lighthouse memorial platform, renting a shared bike at the door, and then playing along the plank road North 1st Road to take photos, and then going back to see the sunset theater at the point.

The whole time takes 2h-3h, a stunning short ride, Get together with your beloved TA to unlock it~Shekou Lighthouse Memorial Platform Cycling time 3:30-6 p.m.

Location: Shekou Lighthouse Memorial Platform, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Traffic Line 2, Dongjiaotou Entrance B, 1 km walk or drive to Shekou seaside tips: you can ride shared bicycles from Monday to Friday, and you can control people and share bicycles on Saturday and Sunday, On Saturday and Sunday, it is suggested to walk in Shenzhen Chaosheng ยท Original editor: VV/Photographer: A Yu Editor in Chief: Lamp/Operation: vv Photo source: Shenzhen Chaosheng Business Cooperation: 13652481850 (WeChat same number)..