Several techniques of breathing while riding

You must have had the experience that your legs are not tired when climbing, but you are out of breath? Or wheezing, out of breath, rapid heartbeat, fierce pedaling, and helpless? In fact, most riders are not out of breath, but lack of oxygen when breathing and can not supplement the oxygen consumption of muscles, resulting in dizziness, dry mouth and sweating when pedaling on the slope.

Many riders will pay attention to many details when riding: stepping, braking, speed change and steering.

But breathing, many riders don’t care.

Let’s start with respiratory physiology.

The respiratory rate of normal people is about 8-12 times / min, and the ratio of inspiratory and expiratory time is about 2:3, that is, the expiratory time is longer than inspiratory time.

When you breathe faster, the time ratio between inhalation and exhalation gradually increases.

When you breathe more than 20 times, the inhalation time may exceed exhalation.

At this time, it will cause unclean exhalation.

Inhale 500cc and spit 400cc, there will be more and more residual air in your lungs, less and less air can be absorbed, and your breathing will be faster.

Your chest seems to explode quickly and you can’t breathe; At this time, you will exhale from your mouth, hoping to exhale faster.

When all methods are exhausted, you can only slow down.

Professional drivers usually have slow and deep steady breathing.

What is the impact of faster breathing on riding? The work of absorption loss accounts for about 18% of the energy consumption of bicycle.

Using synergetic muscles, such as trapezius and pectoralis major, the breathing of these muscles (chest breathing) is less efficient than transverse septal breathing, resulting in unnecessary energy loss.

Spinal pressure rises, affecting muscle movements, numbness in hands and feet.

The exhalation is not clean, and the indirect inhalation is not much.

Breathing is related to the rhythm of whole-body movement and the source of strength.

In riding, the importance of breathing will be emphasized.

How to adjust and feel the movement of breathing? Before cycling, close your mouth, take a deep breath with your nose, and then open your mouth until you can’t breathe in any more.

After spitting out, close your mouth, inhale deeply with your nose, and exhale with your mouth.

Just do it nine times in a row.

This is called nose inhalation and mouth exhalation.

Pay attention to inhale and exhale slowly and try your best not to be too fast.

After nine times, just breathe naturally with your nose a few times.

Get on your bike and start.

Breathe when riding a flat road.

When riding a flat road, roll your tongue, hold your upper jaw, close your mouth, breathe with your nose, inhale as deeply as possible when you begin to inhale, feel your abdomen contracting inward, spit out as much as possible when you exhale, and feel your abdomen protruding outward.

At the beginning, don’t force yourself.

Just have this awareness.

When you get used to it, you will do it.

If you breathe for a while, you will feel a lot of saliva in your mouth.

Just swallow it.

Don’t spit it out.

After swallowing it, put your tongue on your upper jaw and breathe with your nose.

Breathing when riding uphill.

When starting uphill, inhale deeply with your nose and then exhale with your mouth.

Be sure to inhale and exhale slowly.

If you ride for a while, you will find that your breathing is getting faster and faster.

Take a breath through your nose and exhale quickly through your mouth.

Be sure to inhale through your nose.

Shut up and don’t breathe in with your mouth, otherwise it’s very bad for your body.

Exhale quickly.

If you find that your breathing is getting faster and faster, you should get off the cart, inhale deeply with your nose and exhale deeply with your mouth.

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