Seven things that can save your life in riding safety


Let others know that if you ride alone, take a few seconds to leave a note or send a message to a relative or friend to tell them where you are going and when you will return.

Often, riders want to say that they can only ride a car for 20 or 30 kilometers quickly, so there is no need to explain.

However, if no one knows where you are going, it will be difficult to find you, especially if the cycling route is remote, leaving a message will be more important.


Make personal information more obvious.

Write your basic information and emergency contact phone number into a small card and put it in your wallet or with your mobile phone.


Protect your head.

As all cyclists know, you must wear bicycle clothing accessories and helmets to protect your head! If you are unlucky to fall, you should be very careful about head injuries.

Especially some people may stand up as if nothing happened after falling and hitting their heads; But after a while, you may begin to feel uncomfortable, sometimes you will have cerebral hemorrhage, and even death.

If there are any of the following conditions, call an ambulance or a doctor as soon as possible: the helmet is broken, because it means that the head is hit hard.

Headache is not the pain caused by trauma at the beginning, but the headache that has not been alleviated but has become more and more serious.

If you lose consciousness and pass out, you must be checked.

The vision is affected.

If you can’t see clearly after getting up, you also need to see a doctor.


One of the most common parts of deep breathing bicycle injuries is that the chest is hit by the handlebar, but there is no injury.

Therefore, many people think that there is no problem after falling the bike, and they do not want to go to the hospital, but are you sure there is no problem? At this time, try to take a deep breath.

If you have difficulty breathing and pain, there must be a problem.

Because you may have cracked ribs, and the cracked ribs may have sharp edges, and once moved, they may stab the lungs.


Perform abdominal examination for yourself.

There are many soft tissues and organs in our abdomen, which may also be injured by the collision of the car handle.

Therefore, palpate the abdomen with your own hands.

If there is a part with abnormal soft touch, it may be injured internally; If the abdomen becomes swollen or hard, it may also be a sign of visceral bleeding.


Carefully check the spine, neck and back for serious injuries.

You can usually judge whether the condition is good by checking your fingers and toes.

If there is a feeling of numbness or tingling, it is possible that the spine is injured; You can also try to slowly turn your head 45 degrees to the left and right.

If you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately and go to the doctor as soon as possible.


Fast hemostasis If there is wound bleeding on your body, unless you are a professional with fast training, you should not use a tourniquet to stop bleeding around your body as seen in the film.

Taking risks may cause more damage.

The best way is to take basic first aid measures, such as directly pressurizing the wound with clean things to stop bleeding and waiting for rescue.

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