Seven key points of developing riding endurance

People who have a little knowledge of road bicycle physical fitness training have heard the word “basic mileage”.

How to practice basic training and how much basic mileage is enough?!       Different people need different basic mileage.

Here are six key points to get more out of your basic training with half the effort.

Endurance riding frequency: once every 7-10 days for most people, endurance training frequency does not need to be too high, but we can’t forget this.

Many studies have shown that a long-distance endurance ride can increase the plasma ion concentration and the concentration of medium chain fatty acids, and the effect can be maintained for a week.

(it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it.

Just remember that endurance training is only conducted once a week or so.) two hours is not enough.

For riders of different levels, the appropriate time for endurance training is different.

However, some studies have shown that two hours is not enough even for people who don’t have much training.

Keeping low intensity for a long time of low intensity training will produce more slow muscle fibers.

General drivers need to keep the blood lactic acid value below 2 mmol.

Generally speaking, it is at the intensity of 60-75% of the maximum heart rate, and drivers using the dynamometer can train in a more accurate power range.

Training aerobic system aerobic training can provide a reliable basis for other training.

If you don’t do enough preparation in this area, the duration of your best state will be shortened and the recovery speed will be slower.

These adaptations take longer to develop than aerobic training.

This adaptation process takes longer than the anaerobic system, so make full use of time at the beginning of training to strengthen endurance, strength and leg speed.

Maintain fatigue if the driver is tired enough, the fast muscle fiber will increase.

When you run out of glycogen, your muscles will start using fat as fuel.

Drivers need to keep output and avoid high-intensity work during endurance training (if your goal is pure endurance).

Six times of high-intensity training throughout the year is enough to improve drivers, but long-distance riding requires a lot of accumulation to bring benefits, which is also the reason why it is difficult to study the benefits of long-distance riding.

It also means you need to ride long distances throughout the year.

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