[serial] riding for ten years (I)

The still water flows deep and the peony garden platform welcomes you to ride for ten years (I) author I Li Jianhua anchor I Rick I started riding in 2011.

The word “riding” here is understood as chivalrous.

It is not used as a means of transportation to replace walking with cars, but as a sport to strengthen the body.

In August 2011, I bought my first sports car.

The brand is giante, red, micro brake, 18 speed.

Started my cycling career.

Since then, it can no longer be separated, and cycling has become a part of life.

At that time, I was still at work and had to ride in the morning and evening.

I was very nervous.

Only weekends are more casual.

When you retire a few years later, it’s like fish returning to the sea and birds entering the forest.

You can’t take it back if you want to.

At that time, there were only a few people riding in Jinghai, and most of them were over 50 years old.

Many people could call their names, and young people were rare to ride bicycles.

There was a man in riding clothes walking in the street, often attracting people’s attention.

More than ten years later, today, the cyclists are like crucian carp crossing the river, and passers-by have turned a blind eye.

Now, I have ridden nearly 140000 kilometers.

In addition to riding in Jinghai area, I also went to many places around.

Langfang, Wuqing, Ninghe, Tanggu, Dagang, Dongli, Beichen, Qingxian, Dacheng and Wen’an all go back and forth in one day.

To say what are the advantages of cycling, I imitate Liu Yuxi’s “humble room inscription” and write two “cycling inscription”, which are all my experience.

First, the hobby of cycling fitness is hearse.

If you can’t ride it, you can have fun.

You can practice hard in dog days and keep riding in the severe cold.

You can take two photos without mistake and enjoy the scenery of the four seasons Increase life without traffic jam trouble has convenient function, patrol, visit historic sites, visit famous cities, watch the road, say that the second skill of fast riding is not high, love is not high, the hearse is not high, you can turn it, Si is a fun activity, men and women have no weak men, women have heroes, 70 don’t feel old, 81 can increase appetite The name of the long-distance competition is Ruan Qiaoyuan, who looks forward to the way of losing weight.

In addition to these two “cycling inscriptions”, I also wrote many poems.

Because I didn’t understand the rules, I used the word “oil” to cover up the ugliness, so I dared to show people.

Just after retirement, I wrote a poem about my retirement life: why do idle clouds and wild cranes want to ride the free two wheels of Wanli River Tianjing, ride the world like beans, read well, read nothing, let alone go around the world, it’s just bragging.

When you start riding, you also pursue mileage and speed.

As you get older, riding is completely entertainment and fitness.

You pay attention to leisure, freedom and freedom.

You can enjoy the scenery while riding and oil while riding.

It’s not pleasant.

In 2019, I changed to another sports car, which is a giante, black, flat handle, disc brake, 20 speed.

I wanted to have the red one, but I had no choice but to make do with it.

The old friends who have been replaced are quietly parked in a corner of the yard.

When they see them, they remember the wind and rain they have gone through together.

Because I like cycling, I pay attention to the eight day limit challenge of Sichuan and Tibet every year.

The weather changes on the snowy plateau and the physical condition of the players always affect my nerves.

Sometimes I turn on my mobile phone to watch the live broadcast at night.

The 2160 kilometer journey, with an average altitude of 4000 meters, will be completed in eight days by climbing 14 high mountains with an altitude of 4000 meters.

Hypoxia, cold, climbing, grading, rain and snow, loneliness…

No bonus, no backup, no supply.

You have to face everything alone.

To this end, he wrote several limericks and wrote down his admiration and praise for the warriors.

First, it’s not difficult to challenge the limit.

What’s the fear? The mountain is high into the clouds.

The cold rain washes my clothes for me.

The cold star reflects the road and runs forward.

The snow floats to welcome distant guests.

The long road is connected with the blue sky.

The dream of creating miracles and passion on the Sichuan Tibet line ignites its 22 heroes.

It takes eight days to fight the end of the world.

This song is written for the little demon Chen Zhenwei.

A total of 13 players participated in the 7th Sichuan Tibet extreme challenge in 2020.

The little demon Chen Zhenwei is the only woman.

Her tenacity and strong heart make people have to pay tribute.

Come and ride with friends for a few years.

I walked through several places and left beautiful memories.

Still waters flow deep.

Peony Garden welcomes you! [recommended] Online.