See you next year at blackbird 517 cycling Festival

Riding heart to heart · victory in the year of the tiger Hello, everyone, I am a stone.

The 10 day “2022 blackbird 517 riding Festival” has ended.

Have you participated? Did you get the prize? The 517 cycling festival in 2022 is the seventh birthday of Blackbird cycling and the seventh year that everyone accompanies blackbird cycling.

Here, I sincerely say “thank you for your company.” the theme of the 517 cycling festival in 2022 is: riding heart to heart · winning in the year of the tiger.

Why choose this theme is actually very simple.

I hope that all bad things will end this year.

Xiaobian, I planned a series of events and activities for this year’s “517 cycling Festival”, which can be said to be “painstaking”.

I sharpened my head to think about how to send some benefits to the vast number of riders (a lot of hair fell off, which was painful to me).

015.1 healthy riding in the riding Festival starts with 5.1 healthy riding, which means that we hope our riders will be healthy.

Only with good health can we take better care of our loved ones.

02 real scene helps home protests.

The second is the live riding live broadcast from April 30 to May 3, which means that riders all over the country can communicate and discuss through the live broadcast room.

035.1 summary solicitation activity the third is a summary solicitation activity, which means that everyone can share the scenery of their own city.

It is the so-called “solo happiness is not as good as public happiness”.

It is of special significance to share happiness and beauty with riders all over the country.

Find 517, find 517.

The fourth part of the 04517 word gathering activity is the word gathering activity on the blackbird app.

I hope everyone can get the riding equipment sent by blackbird, so that riding can be more guaranteed.

The fifth event of the 05517 cycling Festival is the 517 cycling festival event.

In addition to medals, medals, T-shirts and masks, it is to unite riders across the country to send warmth and health to children in remote mountainous areas.

06517 live night riding activity the sixth is the live night riding activity on the night of 517.

Representative teams from across the country are invited to ride together to show the beautiful scenery and exchange some night riding experience.

The seventh place in the 07517 online climbing race is the 517 climbing race.

The limited time climbing of 517m is definitely a double test of physical and mental strength.

The whole may is my busiest month in the first half of the year.

In fact, the purpose is very simple, that is, I hope my riders can ride happily and have a good time.

01 live riding live broadcast this year’s 517 riding festival was the first to join the live broadcast.

The first was the live riding live broadcast from April 30 to May 3.

I acted as the host and joined hands with our beautiful little sister of Blackbird to broadcast the live broadcast.

We invited many familiar gods and team members to compete on the same stage in the live broadcast room.

Although many places cannot go out because of the epidemic, it is also fun to watch the live broadcast at home, All the team leaders and team members share their team management experience and their team achievements.

I am very grateful to all the team leaders and team members, as well as the small partners watching.

With your support, blackbird bicycles will be better and better in the future.

(in addition, the actual routes on viscene are basically recorded by blackbird staff, so they are very real, but.