See if you are suitable for cycling?

Bicycle is a low-carbon, environment-friendly and healthy sports helper, but from a medical point of view, you can’t ride for a long time, especially for teenagers or patients with five kinds of diseases.

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

Are you suitable for cycling? 1: Minors have relevant regulations and are not allowed to drive bicycles under the age of 12.

At the age of 12, it is not recommended to ride beyond the scope of your body (cycling needs to be gradual).

One is that it affects your development, and the two are not safe.

2: Not all riding in patients with hypertension are real leisure riding.

If the intensity is too high, patients with hypertension may be at risk of sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

3: Patients with epilepsy have uncertain epilepsy, and many conditions on long-distance riding may induce seizures.

Four: heart disease patients generally do not recommend heart disease patients to do vigorous exercise, riding strength is still a little big, the intensity of exercise of patients with diabetes can not be too big.

5: Fracture hurts muscles and bones for 100 days.

Take good care of the injury and resist the itching of your feet.

6: Hernia patients tend to deepen the severity.

7: Concussion sequelae patient 8: riding on the road without safety awareness is not only related to your safety, but also affects the safety of others.

Those who do not abide by traffic rules and have no safety awareness should not harm others on the street…