Sanya surfing solo camp vs Hainan cycling parent-child camp, which winter camp do you pick?

Hainan Island is a place you are very familiar with but unfamiliar to you, a place you yearn for but never reach.

Maybe you know it has a long coastline.

However, you may not have experienced the fun of crossing in the coconut forest sea breeze, tried many water sports, or seen the fantastic and quiet underwater world this winter, Baby has opened two winter camps in Hainan to play with children in Sanya surfing solo camp, a popular light luxury surfing camp with 99.9% praise in Hainan ๐Ÿ„ 2022 heavy start, personal test selection and ingenuity polishing — Hainan cycling ยท parent-child challenge ๐Ÿšด Click the video to get the same happy surfing, cycling and local cultural experience in Hainan We will compare the characteristics of these two winter camps from four aspects: Sanya surfing solo camp vs Hainan cycling ยท parent-child challenge.

Which 01 do you pick to dance with the waves and compete with the coconut wind? Most people punch in this way in Hainan: staying in luxury five-star hotels and swimming pools ๐ŸŠ Not enough coconuts and endless sunbathing This time, let’s unlock Hainan in another way ๐Ÿ„ Sanya surfing solo camp has a game with the surging waves.

No sport is closer to the sea than surfing.

From the first successful stand up to the first time driving the waves to gain the excitement of breaking through the self and the confidence of conquering the sea, the process of surfing training is not only a competition with the waves, but also a competition with the self.

Growing up in failure, The more frustrated, the more brave.

Looking at the moment when the children stand up steadily from the wave board, the confidence and charm of one upwind youth fighting freely with the wave are admirable ๐Ÿ„ Sanya surfing solo camp dances with fish and gets in close contact with the colorful small fish in the ocean world.

Is the naive big turtle such a gorgeous scene in the real ocean world? Walk into Sanya Haichang dream ocean world and feel the rarely seen visual feast ๐Ÿšด Riding Hainan challenge challenge is a challenge and a challenge.

It is also a kind of experience.

We choose the best way to ride in Hainan Island.

From the Haikou road to Hainan Island, parents and children together experience such a riding challenge.

When they overcome difficulties and want to give up, encourage one family to share happiness and grow together.

๐Ÿšด Ride a canoe in Hainan parent-child challenge, go deep into the tropical rain forest, enjoy the Jialang River, see the vast tropical jungle on both sides, feel the poetic and picturesque scenery, stay away from the crowd and the noise on weekdays, enjoy a happy water time with children 02 immersive experience of local cultural life, unique Hainan culture, different customs, in-depth understanding, Discover the unique charm of Hainan through immersive experience ๐Ÿ„ Sanya surfing solo camp unveils the mystery of Li people’s life, goes to Li people’s camp, changes into the embodiment of national costumes, and goes to a long table feast to feel the entertainment lifestyle of Li people, and is really immersed in Li people’s unique costumes, music, dance and diet ๐Ÿšด Ride Hainan parent-child challenge and catch up with the sea to harvest surprises.

No one can refuse the fun of catching the sea and digging sand.

Walk hand in hand with mom and dad on the fine white beach, have zero distance contact with the quiet and beautiful original sea beach in tamen, catch fish and shrimp on the beach and reef, accept the gifts of the sea, feel the life atmosphere of the local fishing village 03 all kinds of minority characteristic playing methods refuse people to follow the crowd in Hainan, It’s just another way to open it ๐Ÿ„ Sanya surfing solo camp and sea carnival, go to a hula party to Sanya, how can you miss the intimate contact with the beach? Dig the sand, step on the waves, incarnate the little savage, interact with the interesting beach hula dance, release the children’s cheers and laughter, build a beach castle with the most fairy tale color, and release creativity in fun ๐Ÿšด Riding in Hainan parent-child challenge, climbing coconut trees, drinking coconut juice, parent-child cooperation, climbing trees and picking coconut is the real fun.

Climbing the top of the tree to harvest fruit, you can also taste different varieties of coconut, with soft and delicate coconut meat and clear and sweet coconut water ๐Ÿšด Riding in Hainan ยท parent-child challenge, making hand ground coffee by hand and walking into Xinglong coffee manor, this is a shooting place with 12 sharp flavors.

Learn the grinding process of Hainan coffee with the barista and make a cup of mellow coffee 04 Hainan flavor by hand, Wake up your taste buds.

In addition to the beautiful scenery of blue sea and blue sky, Hainan island also has a vivid taste of Hainan.

It not only has seafood, but also the traditional old Hainan dishes floating in the streets and on the dinner table, as well as the sumptuous fruit feast.

The most perfect winter plan is to take a trip to Hainan Island and encounter the sunshine and waves at 20 โ„ƒ Although the beach coconut forest Sanya surfing solo camp and the cycling Hainan ยท parent-child challenge have their own characteristics, no matter which one is transformed into a better child by trying and discovering it in person, the parents are also 2022.

These two winter camps in Hainan have ended.

If you want to explore Hainan with baby and explore different creative ways, I’ll see you at the winter camp next year, It’s agreed that you ๏ผŒ contact the customer service for more details ๏ผŒ slide to find the exclusive customer service in this city, long press the QR code,.