Safety issues you must know when riding

Before riding, you should maintain and debug your car.

The main things you should pay attention to are: 1.

The speed change should be flexible.

In particular, we do not often use the 1 and 2 speed conversion of the dental disc.

It’s a headache to go up and down steep slopes in mountainous areas.


Inspection of brake problems.

Check whether the brake line should be replaced and whether the brake stroke is appropriate.

Generally, the stroke of the rear brake should be smaller than that of the front brake.

Also pay attention to timely adjustment after a long downhill, because the brake line may be stretched, and the rear brake travel is large.


Tyre problem.

Mountain tires (above 1.75) shall be used when going to mountains to ensure the stability of riding.

Friends who use the V brake should pay attention not to use the inner tube with a patch, so as not to cause the inner tube to leak due to the high temperature generated by long-time braking.


Remove kicks and mud to ensure the safety of riding.


Pay attention to the regular maintenance of chains.

The riding protective equipment and measures especially emphasize the habit of wearing helmets, because it is possible to fall a bike on flat ground or in mountains, and helmets are the guarantee of our lives! Other protective equipment is also necessary, such as gloves, trouser leg straps, etc.

In addition, necessary equipment for survival in the wild should also be provided, such as guides, enough water and food, first-aid supplies and emergency medicines, stool shoes, and even protective ropes.

Don’t forget that your phone should have enough power and phone charges.

Clothes and rain gear should also be prepared.

Cycling requirements and safe collective travel shall adopt the “1” formation.

This can not only show the team style, but also save physical strength (1/3 of the physical strength can be saved with riding).

The tacit understanding between cyclists is very important when traveling in a 1-shaped motorcade.

The leader should take turns.

The follower should always pay attention to the changes of the gesture, body and riding of the cyclist in front, keep a certain distance, do not overtake at will, do not swing from side to side, and do not stop suddenly.

If you need to stop something, you should slow down and pull to the right, and use gestures to inform cyclists.

Be careful not to ride and talk side by side, and avoid talking to mobile phones or listening to music while riding.

In urban and rural areas, the speed should be slow and the distance should be appropriately shortened.

When encountering intersections and turns, you should go through them as a whole or wait for them before riding, so as to prevent people from running away and getting lost.

Pay close attention to the changes of vehicles, pedestrians and even animals (dogs, pigs, etc.) to prevent accidents.

When going down a large slope, especially in the mountains, the saddle should be lowered properly to maintain the balance of gravity center, the spacing should be opened, and the slope should be graded in order.

When encountering a turn or a place with complex road conditions, slow down in advance to avoid sudden braking, not to mention being bold and unrestrained.

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