Running vs cycling, which is more fat burning and which is healthier?

Running and cycling are the most popular aerobic exercises with a large number of participants.

They are very beneficial to health.

However, people often ask: which is better, running or cycling? How are they different? Which weight loss is more effective? The following Xiaobian will analyze them one by one: 01 running and cycling exercise have different priorities.

Both running and cycling are good for health.

Both sports can enhance immunity, strengthen the body, slim down and relieve stress, but their priorities are slightly different.

Running is a whole-body exercise.

In addition to running at the lower limbs, the upper limbs, waist, abdomen and back can get some exercise.

However, the feet and knees should bear more force during running.

Regular running will improve bone strength, but excessive exercise and injury should be prevented.

Riding is mainly about leg exercises.

In addition to the cardio pulmonary function training provided by aerobic exercise, it mainly uses muscle groups in the lower body, especially in the hips, legs and thighs.

Other parts can rarely be exercised.

Long term cycling will increase the amount of muscles in the lower body, and the thighs and hips will become strong.

02 running or cycling? In addition to their common advantages, running and cycling also have their own strengths.

However, it is impossible to give a simple answer to which sport has a better effect, because it also depends on the actual situation of individuals.

Characteristics of running: 1.

Running is simple and convenient.

It requires very little equipment and can be carried out almost anywhere.

Therefore, road running and marathon have become one of the most popular sports.


In all aerobic exercises, running needs to bear its own weight, so it has the most obvious effect on enhancing bone density and can effectively prevent osteoporosis.


Sports can relax people’s body and mind and improve their mood, but only running can make people feel a sense of happiness.

This is the legendary running climax, and it will keep people addicted.


During running, incorrect running posture will lead to physical injury.

If the weight is seriously overweight, it is better not to run first, because it will greatly increase the risk of injury.


Although running uses more muscles than riding, it can hardly increase muscle strength, so we still need to do muscle strength training after running to prevent injury.

Riding characteristics: 1.

Riding can reach a longer distance.

A bicycle can measure a wider world and is more suitable for visiting an area.


Riding has a small burden on the body and feels very relaxed.

It can last longer.

The foot is fixed on the pedal, which brings little impact and pressure to the joints and is not easy to cause joint damage.


Riding is highly dependent on equipment.

You should take safety equipment with you during daily riding, so you will spend more on equipment.


The disadvantages of cycling are high repetition, improper or unscientific exercise, which can easily lead to tendon inflammation or prostatic inflammation.


Riding is mostly on the highway, so the risk factor of traffic problems is higher.

03 which is better to lose weight, running or cycling? Weight loss is a thing that needs persistence.

Both running and cycling are conducive to weight loss, but they are not applicable to everyone, such as time, venue, environment, etc., which will have varying degrees of impact.

Therefore, we should find a method that we can most adhere to.

Under the same intensity, running consumes a lot more calories than cycling.

Running consumes more calories than cycling, consumes more fat than cycling, and has a higher fat consumption rate than cycling.

Therefore, it is better to lose weight by running.

Running can accelerate fat decomposition more effectively than cycling.

Although each person consumes different calories, the amount of calories burned depends on many factors, such as speed, terrain, weight, and personal metabolism.

Generally speaking, cycling consumes only half of the calories consumed by running, so running is more awesome in weight loss.

Therefore, to achieve the effect of cycling weight loss, you need to spend more time.

However, for obese people, running is easy to cause knee, ankle and leg injuries, while cycling is not easy to get injured.

According to big data statistics, the average cycling time is only 6 times, while running time is 11 times.

04 running + cycling > running vs cycling running and cycling have their own advantages, so the combination of the two is certainly more beneficial to the improvement of physical fitness and physical fitness than just one.

It is recommended that you alternate running and cycling, so that you can not only train the muscles of different parts, but also avoid the overuse of the muscles and joints of the same part, so as to reduce sports injuries.

If you are in the process of hard running training, it is suggested that you can arrange cycling once a week.

Cycling has little impact on the body.

After running training, low-intensity cycling can increase internal circulation and facilitate rapid recovery.

It is said that many running gods do this.

In addition, high-intensity cycling can improve the strength of your legs, make you run faster, and allow you to exercise longer and improve your aerobic endurance.

For cyclists, running can help you exercise the upper body muscles you neglected when riding.

At the same time, running with greater intensity can also improve the speed of riding.

To sum up, running burns fat faster, and riding has a small chance of injury.

However, both runners and riders should not indulge in just one kind of exercise, and they should give consideration to it, so as to exercise the body in all aspects.

If you have time to practice swimming, the triathlon race will be just around the corner.

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