Running, cycling, sightseeing… The sports park in front of my home is coming!

The pace of the 14th National Games is getting closer and closer, and the atmosphere of national sports is getting stronger and stronger.

Citizens can exercise everywhere on the park Greenway in the energy and gold trade zone of Xixian new area.

The summer heat is gradually disappearing.

At the right time, Xiaobian collected some sports venues at the door for you.

Hurry up.

Recommended sports scenes for the “three rivers and one mountain” greenway: running The completion of the “three rivers and one mountain” Greenway in the cycling energy golden trade zone provides an ideal place for citizens in the new area to have leisure tourism and exercise.

The winding greenway and clean rest post station enable people to stop at any time to have a rest and enjoy the charming land landscape, rural style and rural scenery in addition to walking, jogging or cycling.

Recommended sports scenes of Fenghe Jinwan Plaza: walking, badminton, skateboarding and fitness.

Fenghe Jinwan, with thousands of mu of landscape water and ecological forest belt, is a good place for citizens to exercise and fitness.

Here, sports are everywhere.

The old man who plays Tai Chi against the rising sun, the little couple who runs in the sunset, the children who skate on the hydrophilic square on the shore…

Everyone can find their favorite way of sports.

Recommended sports scenes of the central green corridor: walking and badminton.

The central green corridor is a unique new landmark on the new axis of the new center of Xi’an.

The winding Garden Road and characteristic Tingbu are like a link connecting landscape nodes everywhere.

Beside the Jianbu road outside the green corridor, landscape lights with different shapes are orderly arranged.

In the evening, the old people come here in groups to relax and cool off.

The young people jog and walk along the footpath, while the children play badminton in the small square in the middle.

Recommended sports scene of Fengjing Avenue: jogging.

The two sides of Fengjing Avenue are elaborately arranged with scattered and rich green landscapes.

The newly built pocket park and corner green space beside the footpath have swing, seat and landscape sculpture.

Running here can not only exercise, but also feel the rapid changes in the new area.

Recommended sports scenes of urban health park: running and cycling culture and education park.

In the urban health park, there are both modern fitness trails and perfect fitness equipment, which can meet different leisure sports needs, especially the children’s amusement area, which is simply a children’s sports paradise.

Recommended sports scenes of Fenghe Ecological Park: running, cycling and fitness.

Do you want to experience the freshness of being in the jungle? Fenghe ecological park is waiting for you to punch in.

Here, whether it’s running, cycling or walking for fitness, it will bring you different natural enjoyment.

There are many rest stations along the way.

When you are tired of sports, you can stop to rest your feet and supplement your physical fitness.

After reading these recommendations, do you have the impulse to exercise? Hurry to come to the new area while the weather is cool.

The current epidemic situation is still severe.

Remember to do a good job of personal protection during outdoor sports.

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