Rocking is not only an important way to ride, but also a knowledge. Can you?

Rocking is one of the important ways of cycling, which is often used in cycling.

Mount like a runaway, shake the car like a trot! As rocking requires leg muscles and other muscles, novices should not often use it.

Advanced riders may as well use more, change the riding mode to improve muscle strength, which is a better choice.

The opportunity of rocking the car is a means.

The following opportunities are suitable for rocking the car: Starting: strong trampling force, fast starting, uphill (including short uphill sprint and long uphill) perineum needs rest: after sitting for a long time, perineum blood and gas are blocked.

Stand up at an appropriate time to move your muscles and bones, hairpin bend uphill: at this time, the speed may slow down, If you sit and step, the efficiency is not high or the gear ratio needs to be reduced, resulting in slower speed.

The following timing is not suitable for shaking the car: Gravel Road: the center of gravity of the vehicle is not well controlled, and it is easy to fall.

There are riders within half a meter next to the vehicle: slight collision of the vehicle may lead to wrestling.

Similarly, other riders should not overtake him at close range when shaking the car.

The posture of shaking the car.

The car does not shake.

At the beginning, when you experience the feeling of shaking the car, don’t pull the handlebar with your hand.

Lower the speed.

When your right foot wants to step on it, the car tilts to the left; The same goes for the opposite direction.

It is easier to practice on a long and gentle uphill, followed by a flat road.

When you want to accelerate the sprint, you can shake the car while pulling the handlebar by hand, which will be more powerful, but generally not lasting.

When standing and stepping with force, it is stressed on one side (sitting and stepping is not obvious because PP is sitting and blocking the seat cushion).

At this time, the bicycle will tend to fall unilaterally.

In order to overcome this tendency, first, use the handlebar (the waist is stressed laterally, which is not necessary.

Novices often make mistakes), and second, tilt the car in the opposite direction (the so-called shaking).

The first few feet of the car can lift and pull the handlebar at the same time to step harder, and the rear foot can hook the foot and jump up to lift, which can quickly pull up the speed, but it is easy to get tired.

Whether to do the lifting action at the same time depends on the individual’s physical state.

The gear ratio of rocking car is larger than that during sprint.

Small gear ratio is required for long uphill.

When rocking car, the gear ratio of gear 1-2 needs to be increased than that of normal sitting and stepping.

Because the shaking car is relatively sitting and stepping, the force increases.

If the original small tooth ratio is maintained, it will feel empty.

Generally, the stepping frequency of rocking is between 60-70 (i.e.

one cycle in one second).

At the end of rocking, when climbing a steep slope, it is necessary to consider stopping rocking, and then increase the gear ratio.

If there is a cardiometer, it is better to stop rocking when the heart rate reaches a position, because the body is tired at this time, but the fatigue often comes a few seconds later.

If you continue to shake the car hard, it is easy to go too far, resulting in “cylinder explosion”, you have to slow down, and even get off to rest.

The gain is not worth the loss.

At ordinary times, you need multi sensory movements and force application skills.

You must be able to shake the car continuously for more than 200 meters to achieve practical results.

Problems and reasons for novices shaking the car: problem 1: waist acid after shaking the car for more than ten seconds.

Reason: step down before the car swings in place, resulting in lateral stress on the waist and waist acid.

In the normal posture, the waist is almost free of force, and it will not be sour when shaking the car for several kilometers.

When shaking the car from one side to the other side, the range is large and the action should be rapid, while the range of the handlebar changes little in the process of trampling.

Question 2: the cause of knee acid: it is divided into front foot knee and rear foot knee (the trampled foot is the front foot).

If the front knee is sour, it is reflected in feeling sour when stepping on it.

It may still be that the shaking of the car is not in place, resulting in the lack of power, which is suspected of “squatting horse step”.

If the knee of the back foot is sour, it means that the foot feels sour when walking up in the back.

It means that the force method is incorrect.

Normally, the rear foot is almost not forced.

Problem 3: it is difficult to control the direction when shaking the car.

Reason: shaking the car is not skilled enough and should be practiced more, because the car swings left and right when shaking the car, which is easy to cause instability of the handlebar.

At ordinary times, lower riding speed and larger ratio (i.e.

small stepping frequency) can be used to shake, and there is sufficient time to carefully experience the force of feet, hands and waist.

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