Riding | Yunnan · Half day cycling, half day playing, eating delicious food to explore the beautiful scenery, the most suitable way to

Editor: Dada Xishuangbanna is worth visiting again.

In recent years, an old destination has become popular again.

It is not only a pilgrimage site for online celebrities and young people, but also a hot spot for variety shows, It has the tolerance to loose epidemic prevention policies and the content of hard core+comfortable climate+blessing of foreign culture.

An adventure in Xishuangbanna.

The Banna region once established Mengle Kingdom, which is the birthplace of the global Thai people.

Banna is nourished by the Mekong River and the Thai culture in Southeast Asia has been developing continuously for thousands of years.

Twelve ethnic minorities, such as Yi, Jino, Yao and Hani, have lived here for generations, The diversified culture here touches the ubiquitous Dai buildings, Buddhist pagodas, ethnic costumes, green rainforests and warm and humid climate, which make Banna full of infinite charm.

With the increase of flights, the transportation through the city is more convenient, coupled with the extremely user-friendly price and simple folk customs, and the dazzling food is really overwhelming Starlight night market and the sound of Dai Di magic are always stirring grass planting.

Even tourists who travel around the world will be amazed by Xishuangbanna.

Why do you want to ride in Xishuangbanna? ▽ The strategies of Yunnan tourism in the market tend to travel freely and shoot at the same clock in points.

I’m afraid I missed many in-depth characteristic experiences.

After multiple investigations and surveys, some of the Nujiang River cycling sections from Lushui to Bingzhongluo in Dali Erhai Lake are too short and too recreational.

It is still cold in winter from Lijiang to Shangri La, The objective conditions such as high altitude and complicated road conditions finally planned Xishuangbanna Ring Road to ride in autumn and winter (dry season).

The climate in Xishuangbanna is suitable to avoid the high temperature and moderate rainstorm in summer (rainy season).

The vegetation is dense, Abundant negative oxygen ions is one of the most ideal and suitable cycling destinations in autumn and winter.

It only takes one ride from the uphill cart to the climbing king in Banna.

▽ Xishuangbanna Ring Road is the most representative cycling route.

The total mileage of cycling is about 180 kilometers.

The difficulty of cycling is from easy to difficult.

It gradually passes through four basins, shuttles between rural roads and tropical landscape mountain roads.

The cumulative climbing height is about 2000 meters, The moment to enjoy the downhill pleasure is the last 15 km long downhill from riding Xiaobai to becoming an old bird.

Taxi all the way to the end is the moment to reward the best you insist on and complete the challenge.

It will clean your mind and reshape your mind.

Each team member will have a new understanding of Yunnan in their hearts.

It is wonderful to ride in Banna! Riding on the village path of the ancient Dai village along the eastern Danube Lancang River, walking leisurely along the southern pastoral scenery, then driving gently through the vast primeval forests, and finally rushing down the winding mountain road in the rainforest, whether it is an old bird climbing party or a leisure cyclist sharing bicycle, you can find the fun of riding in Banna.

Not only is it rich to ride for half a day, but also we have arranged the original juice The original featured activities let you not only ride happily, but also enjoy the folk custom experience.

Walk into the ancient village, visit the Dai style garden, and experience the colorful dance.

Come to a water sprinkling festival with a full sense of ceremony, and then jump into the Dai style Dai rain forest.

Under the guidance of the Jino guide, walk in the tropical rain forest to feel the coolness of the rain forest.

Visit the secret plant garden where wild elephants haunt, and follow the senior science teachers, Visit the Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to identify thousands of tropical and subtropical plants, and make a profound and interesting science popularization.

Explain a new journey, taste delicious food, taste the characteristic peacock feast, and have an authentic Dai style barbecue to taste the daily tropical fresh fruit.

Eating will also satisfy the need to taste tea, make tea, and go to the Jino Tea Garden, the first of the six tea mountains, to learn how to make tea, Tea tasting related knowledgeUnderstanding the profound historical and cultural heritage of Yunnan’s ancient tea and horse road Xishuangbanna riding is not difficult.

Whether it’s lovers, parents and children, or friends, Xishuangbanna riding with moderate intensity is a catalyst for warming your feelings.

As long as you can ride, you can achieve the common goal.

So you just need to make a starting decision· Security guarantee.

From Qinghai Lake to Hainan Island, to Duku Highway and Xishuangbanna, we will continue to provide logistical support to ensure that vehicles will accompany us throughout the journey, ensure rescue, and reduce the burden of riding by loading luggage, Improve the safety coefficient.

If you are tired, you can get on the bus at any time and have rich experience in dealing with emergencies.

The service team guides the riding skills.

The leader is responsible for logistics assistance.

The team helps you ride farther.

Camp service.

Catering standards: The trip includes five breakfasts, one camp peacock feast, and one special Dai barbecue.

Other dinners need to be taken care of by yourself.

They will eat in towns and villages along the way.

The per capita consumption price is 20~40 yuan/person.

There is one meal in the trip, but there is no village or town around.

Road food needs to be prepared in advance.

The leader will inform you the day before and give you time to prepare in advance.

Everyone from all over the world has different tastes, so we leave our own choice to everyone.

The tour leader will also recommend some good restaurants along the way, where everyone can eat together and then share the AA..