Riding without this operation, intracranial hemorrhage

Wearing a safety helmet is not an optional question, but a required course because there is no helmet=no safety guarantee.

At 11:27 on September 24, Wang Mouyun drove a Huangyan 07 * * * electric bicycle on the road section of Puzheng Village, Gaoqiao Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou.

When he was driving in the motorway, he collided with Zhejiang JK6 * * R light van driven by Wang Mouqing.

It is understood that Wang Mouqing, the truck driver, had just called to put his mobile phone back on the vehicle bracket Wang Mouyun is driving an electric bicycle in front.

Wang Mouyun decelerates and stops to turn left.

At that time, he looks back and thinks that the truck will definitely let him be a blind confident driver and meet a distracted driver.

The result is “bang” The truck hit the electric bicycle straightly.

Wang Mouyun’s back hit the windshield of the truck, then flew up and hit the ground again.

Because Wang Mouyun did not wear a safety helmet at the time of the accident, which caused his intracranial hemorrhage.

The windshield of the truck was also hit with a large crack.

Jiangshan traffic police reminded that wearing a safety helmet when riding an electric bicycle is an effective guarantee for life safety.

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