Riding without professional riding boots, what is real riding? Stop talking

#Riding equipment # with the increasing popularity of motorcycles, the importance of riding equipment has been put forward.

At present, there are many examples of riding accidents without safety protection, so helmets, riding clothes and riding boots are listed as three piece riding sets.

Some people may say that riding boots are optional, and ordinary shoes can do it.

Is that true? First of all, a suitable riding boot integrates waterproof, warm, breathable and protection.

Ordinary shoes are more comfortable and warm.

In particular, our daily riding friends know that a good riding boot can have the dual effects of riding safety and foot protection, which ordinary shoes can’t achieve.

As professional riding boots, especially those suitable for travel, it is best to make full grain leather upper material.

Such materials can be easily wiped and cleaned, especially on muddy mountain roads.

Shoes are often easily contaminated with dust, while the wear-resistant leather surface is easy to take care of, which improves the fun of riding.

When we ride and control gear, it is very harmful to shoes.

Ordinary shoes have no reinforcement on the upper.

Professional riding boots will be specially reinforced at the back of the shoes and the front of the sole, which can not only improve the utilization rate of the shoes, but also improve the comfort of the feet.

Special attention is paid to the ankle.

TPU molded plastic protection is designed for the tibia and ankle.

It can avoid the injury to the feet caused by falling car and riding in harsh environment under special circumstances.

People who often travel and ride know that an anti-skid sole is especially needed for long-term foot gear, so the sole of riding boots must be anti-skid.

Professional riding boots such as the sole of riding boots forma are made of double density rubber soles to ensure anti-skid during long-term riding and a good experience for the foot during walking, This avoids the disadvantages of hard and bulky riding boots.

Like professional riding boots, of course, one thing will not be ignored is to make the soft polymer filler with memory sponge inside, which can reduce the weight-bearing feeling of long-term riding feet.

Like the inside of shoes, hdry can also be achieved ® Waterproof breathable membrane, which is a kind of material directly laminated to the upper in 3D, so that the shoes can be synthesized as a whole and play the function of waterproof to the greatest extent.

Of course, the foot will be stuffy after a long time of riding, and the professional riding boots will have the design of antibacterial replaceable insole with {APS (air pump system) and personalized microfiber cover, so as to circulate the air in the foot and play an antibacterial role.

Ordinary shoes will make your feet uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time, which is difficult to maintain until the end of your whole ride.

Riding without professional riding boots, what is real riding? Don’t pull the calf, it will not only increase the burden of your riding, but also can’t protect your feet in special circumstances.

Therefore, don’t think that riding boots are different from ordinary shoes.

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