Riding with helmets is safe | | Yangshan schools do this for students who don’t wear helmets as required

·Campus Traffic Safety · XIAOYUANJIAOTONGQ Recently, Nanyang Middle School and Yangshan Middle School received pictures of some students riding electric vehicles without helmets from the traffic police brigade of Yangshan County Public Security Bureau.

The school attached great importance to it and immediately carried out education and rectification actions to achieve practical results.

Through re education, teachers and students could maximize “safe and civilized travel”.

01 Watch the Red and Black List Warning Education Column (Nanyang Middle School’s Legal Publicity Column) (Yangshan Middle School’s Publicity Column).

The school uses the pictures of some students who ride electric bikes without helmets sent by the traffic police brigade as the material.

After color printing, the pictures are posted on the campus’s legal publicity column.

The whole school students take turns to watch the column as a class for warning education.

Nanyang Middle School Nanyang Middle School Yangshan Middle School Yangshan Middle School 02 held special education Nanyang Middle School Nanyang Middle School held an education activity with the theme of “Details are related to life, safe and civilized travel” by using the morning meeting.

During the activity, the deputy director of the Political and Education Office from the “relevant laws and regulations on motor vehicles”, “Yangshan County implements the working system of copying traffic violations”, “comity zebra crossing” Thematic lectures were given in four aspects, including the “Five Don’ts” principle of safe riding, so that students can more deeply understand the significance of “life first, safety first”.

03 Sign the Letter of Commitment on Traffic Safety 0102 Yangshan Middle School immediately educated the relevant students on traffic safety knowledge and asked them to sign the Letter of Commitment on Traffic Safety after learning that the students of Yangshan Middle School did not wear safety helmets in electric vehicles.

In addition, the head teacher used WeChat to contact parents and remind them to improve their awareness of traffic safety and their awareness of obeying traffic laws and regulations.

He emphasized that children should not be picked up and sent off by vehicles that do not meet the standards.

Students should not take agricultural vehicles, tricycles, scrapped vehicles, vehicles that exceed the number of people, exceed the speed limit, etc., and asked parents to sign and affix their opinions on the students’ Letter of Commitment on Traffic Safety.

Through education, parents and students have realized the dangers of taking tricycles and promised to strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations in the future.

01020304 The police reminded that you should wear safety helmets before riding.

Parents should also improve their traffic awareness and urge their children to abide by traffic laws.

At the same time, Yangshan Public Security will continue to work with the education department to strengthen the publicity and education on wearing safety helmets in electric vehicles, and strive to create a good traffic safety atmosphere! Contributed by | Editor of Nanyang Middle School and Yangshan Middle School | Xiong Ji Reviewed by | Bin Yangshan Public Security, I will guard your safety, your satisfaction and my commitment..