Riding vehicles: This design is trendy and stylish!

As an energy-saving and environment-friendly means of transportation, electric vehicles have attracted more and more attention and love in recent years.

The design of electric bicycles and motorcycles is no longer confined to the previous traditional style.

More and more unique electric vehicles stand out in the wind and waves.

Today I’d like to introduce you to some novel and stylish designs of riding vehicles.

01 boomerang electric vehicle Alexander’s electric scooter concept breaks through the boundaries of rebels and is still practical.

The appearance is an inverted “L”.

The design inspiration comes from the boomerang.

The front and rear wheels are at both ends of the “L”.

There are three headlights and two brake lights in the front of the body.

When not needed, the headlights can be turned into the shell, which further reflects the integrated design aesthetics of the scooter.

Designer: Alexander yamaev and his team 02 dreamer F8 electric intelligent driving use stable triangle and K-shaped language, and the color matching of red and black makes the equipment more modern, full of fashion and sense of technology.

More suitable for man-machine battery take-off design, hands lift effortless.

The regular body is harmonious, reliable and operable, which makes it more capable and integrated.

Creative team: Trojan horse design 03civilizedcyclesmodel 1 electric bicycle civilizedcyclesmodel 1 is an electric power assisted bicycle combining retro and modern.

The unique design also enables it to carry 2 passengers and a considerable amount of groceries.

Both sides of the car body are equipped with retractable and expandable storage warehouses.

According to the manufacturer, this is not an ordinary storeroom.

It is no problem to buy vegetables, sell fruits and place them.

It is commendable that this electric bicycle has automatic leveling suspension, which can significantly improve the riding quality of electric bicycle.

Designer: gauravsood04pelikan electric bicycle.

This electric bicycle is designed by industrial designer Fabian bre ë s and named Pelikan.

The design name is inspired by the beak, and the shape of the body body is evolved from the beak.

Fabian bre ë s spent almost four iterations of the basic design blueprint to be satisfied with this cautious conceptual design.

The frame of the bicycle carries a very triangular aesthetics with the front load battery pack located in the sewer.

The power to the wheels is transmitted through the dual drive wheel system.

The exquisite design is reflected in the replaceable standard rear wheel and Pedelec motor with a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

You can choose a powerful version, with a heavier speedelec motor with a maximum speed of 60 km / h, powered by its own integrated internal battery pack.

Designer Fabian bre ë S05 future bike this medium-sized electric bicycle named skeleton has a cool appearance and is designed to meet our urban commuting needs.

The idea is to have an upright driving position like a Dutch style bicycle during a short commute in the city.

The size of electric power assisted bicycle and the difficulty of maneuvering in a narrow space are also important.

Therefore, the skeleton bicycle aims to imitate the human bone structure.

Hollow bone columns are light in weight, but their strength is equivalent to that of solid columns made of concrete and steel.

Designer: Gary Liao 06 Ma ñ as motorcycle the kf33 electric motorcycle Ma ñ as designed by Rodrigo Magro is an online bicycle, which gives us a glimpse of the automotive industry in the next 10 years.

Rodrigo Magro provides a wide body for motorcycles to accommodate all mechanical parts and, of course, batteries.

The sleek body encapsulates a powerful engine and high-performance battery.

The combination of power and performance means generating a lot of heat.

As a solution, Rodrigo Magro reinterpreted the heat dissipation in the shape of the famous BMW contraposition engine.

The body cover is designed to release heat, and the straightening fork and Cardin cover protection also help to dissipate heat.

The designer envisaged a separate part of the battery and engine, with a fork front fork and Cardin integrated with the body.

Designer: Rodrigo Magro Ma ñ as07teslac this conceptual bicycle design was jointly created by two transportation designers Drake Nolte and Jack Donald Morris.

It envisions the state of personal commuting in the next ten years, that is, in the case of heavy traffic in California in 2030.

The combination of two wheeled vehicles and cars – known as “Tesla type C”.

This conceptual design is a rare combination of road safety, driving comfort, compact size and driving power! Designers: Drake Nolte and Jack Donald Morris and gauravsood design drafts are always rejected? How to solve it! Five design experts teach you to do industrial design from 0 to 1 online.