Riding uphill is fascinating, but you should also learn to save energy!

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! For an old cyclist, climbing a hill is something that people love and hate.

Indulging in it can feel incomparable pleasure, but it also consumes people’s physical strength.

With the arrival of the end of March, the temperature is getting higher and higher.

Many riders are ready to challenge the mountains again.

But when you ride a curve and find a super long uphill, have you ever experienced that sudden sense of frustration? There is no choice but to squeeze out all your strength and pedal on the slope step by step with “old cold legs”.

When climbing slopes, you need to master relevant skills and know some smart people who can steal laziness, so that you can complete the strongest training with the least physical strength.

How to climb a slope to reduce the cost of physical strength? 1 Adjust the gear ratio.

If you want to be good at something, you must sharpen the tool first.

When climbing a slope, changing the appropriate gear ratio can help you maintain a comfortable and efficient rhythm and prolong the sitting and stepping time; That is to say, if you control the stepping frequency at 60-80 revolutions per minute, you will save more effort when climbing.

2 Steady pace is the most important rule when a long slope comes.

With the assistance of a power meter, you can first move forward with your own sure power.

Most riders should not have this equipment, so the priority should be given to the pedal frequency.

3 The purpose of standing stepping is to use different muscle groups and achieve comfortable results through timely conversion.

If you really want to get up and shake the car, when climbing a slope, you should avoid excessive forward inclination of the center of gravity, otherwise it will affect the grip of the rear wheels and cause the risk of tail flicking.

About how to shake the bike, you can see the following article.

Shaking the bike is a knowledge.

If you can shake the bike well, you will have no trouble! 4 Mastering the route even if it is an extremely difficult climbing route, you can find some time to take a break.

Therefore, mastering the climbing route and knowing the section where you can catch your breath is a little trick to save energy.

When you are not familiar with the road conditions, you can also use the GPS code table to plan the route.

5 Weight loss can not only make the number of power / weight ratio more prominent, but also make your climbing more labor-saving.

Efforts on weight also save more money than weight loss on bicycles.

Of course, if it is really difficult to reduce weight, you can appropriately lighten the accessories on the bike.

This is also a direct and effective way.

Local tyrants are free! The replenishment work shall be completed 10 minutes before entering the slope, and then the fluid supplies for easy access shall be used.

In the past, the post-95 girls in Hunan were recommended to ride bicycles in China for one year.

Mother: lying is only a short-term trip.

Four times, the men failed to persuade them to “try riding” second-hand bicycles with slippers! Trampled 300 kilometers Why is cycling a golden sport? In addition to the chip, the key parts and technologies of the bicycle were also recommended by six entry-level road vehicles with high cost performance in the West.

It took two months.

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He rode nearly 300 kilometers overnight A foreign man “motorcycle shock” shocked the world! The article comes from the Internet.

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