Riding unruly — a painful case warning record

[new friends] above the point, “Changde traffic police” quickly pay attention to abiding by laws and regulations, courteous, safe and civilized travel.

Traffic is the vein of economy and the link of civilization.

China is entering the automobile society at an amazing speed, but uncivilized traffic habits always threaten our travel safety.

According to statistics, there were 1948 general procedure road traffic accidents in Changde in 2021, 579 people were killed and 2046 injured, The direct economic loss was 8.46 million yuan, including 864 road traffic accidents involving motorcycles and 522 electric vehicles.

The city’s electric and motorcycle related traffic accidents accounted for 67.35%.

Life is fragile and the car accident is fierce.

Every traffic accident involves several families suffering and dying.

Driving safety lies not only in technology and experience, but also in respecting rules and respecting life.

Life and death are only a matter of one thought.

Remember, at the other end of the road, your family is waiting! The following video is a real traffic accident case in our city.

I would like to use this film to warn the drivers of electric vehicles and motorcycles.

Changde public security traffic police appeal: everyone stresses traffic safety, families are happy and safe, and cities are more beautiful and harmonious.

Changde public security traffic police look forward to working with you to continuously improve the people’s awareness of traffic law, safety, public morality and civilization in Changde with practical actions, so as to jointly enhance the citizens’ sense of safety, satisfaction and happiness in Changde-.