Riding toward Carbon Neutralization: An Investigation of Beijing National Day Cycling — A Journey to Tongzhou

From October 2 to 5, 2022, six colleagues from the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, together with many cyclists, participated in the National Day Cycling Tourism Experience Activity organized by Beijing Cycling Commuter Club, and rode 400 miles in four days.

Riding towards carbon neutrality: Gold: ride 200 kilometers on Thursday to experience the Beijing Suburb Cycling Tour.

At noon, the cycling group arrived at the home of members of the Beijing Energy Society in Tongzhou District for a carbon neutralization salon.

On the morning of the 3rd, the cycling group toured the Grand Canal Forest Park, and then rode along the Chaobai River to Shunyi after lunch.

There are some significant differences between the experience of riding and driving.

We will summarize some travel investigation records in the morning of October 3 and share them with our riders.

Welcome to join the cycling commuting club.

Directory of Investigation Notes 1.

Riding the Grand Canal Forest Park 2.

Riding the Grand Canal Forest Park has an excellent experience 3.

Plants in the Grand Canal Forest Park 4.

The Green Heart Park is one of the most friendly parks to ride.

There is also a special tent area in the park.

At half past ten, it began to rain, and then it was still heavy.

I cycled 22 kilometers this morning.

The Grand Canal Forest Park offers excellent riding experience.

It’s really a good place to ride.

The purple beads of plants in the Grand Canal Forest Park, the verbena science committee, the mausoleum, the rose, the purple leaf, the short cherry, the Chinese pine, the sand, the cypress, the tianmu, the Qionghua, and the green heart park are one of the most friendly parks for cycling.

The Xiaoyang Park by the Chaobai River is a livestock park in Beijing.

The farmer raised more than 60 sheep.

Basically, he went out every day to herd sheep, and asked about the photovoltaic on the roof of the household photovoltaic restaurant on the way to ride.

He did not talk about the photovoltaic on the second floor of the small building, but went to the supermarket on the first floor to ask about the situation; A farmer’s roof photovoltaic.

The yard is also equipped with PVC canopy.

I found the owner of the house and said that it was installed by my son.

I only remember that it was installed last year, but I didn’t know anything about other situations, such as the installed capacity, price and power generation.

A courtyard with a large iron gate is equipped with dozens of kilowatts of photovoltaic power.

It feels like an industrial and commercial distribution.

The courtyard is in a village, but it is not like a residential house.

Ride into Shunyi District This photovoltaic project is located in Shunyi District.

The effect of a photovoltaic roof in the sunset after rain is very good.

Riding toward carbon neutrality: Riding to investigate Beijing PV — Planning a zero carbon cycling station for photovoltaic power supply He Jijiang, Executive Deputy Director of the Energy Transformation and Social Development Research Center of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology and Social Research Center of Tsinghua University, Deputy Secretary General of the Carbon Center and Special Committee of China Energy Research Association, Research Fellow of the Beijing Energy Development Research Base, Doctor of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, Doctor of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economics of Tsinghua University Vice President of the Post Tsinghua MBA Alumni Energy and Environmental Protection Association, Research Center for Energy Transformation and Social Development, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Person in Charge of the One kilowatt Photovoltaic Research Group, Tsinghua University – Chinese Person in Charge of the “Renewable Energy for Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Life” Project Department of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, This is He Jijiang’s personal WeChat official account, It also published original articles by the research team of the Energy Transformation and Social Development Research Center.

Scientific spirit and social feelings.

Open minded cultivation and walk towards the light.

Ride towards carbon neutralization and strive to be a big zero.

Promote the energy revolution and promote social development.

One kilowatt photovoltaic per person in the world helps carbon neutralization and high-quality development..