[riding to see Yangzhou phase 24] charm mianchangqiao town

While playing Zong Jilang’s “the original scenery of hometown”, he knocked the keyboard…

Zong Jilang believes that only by living and working in the mountains and fields, carefully listening to the sound of nature and cultivating the air with clay Ocarina can we make satisfactory works.

Bicycle travel, too.

With the spring breeze moving and the river flowing across, we breathe and breathe the breath of life between heaven and earth, see all the beautiful things in the world, travel humbly on the earth and achieve a better us.

In the land where we live, there is a small town I didn’t know until my thirties: bridge.

The history of the bridge can be traced back to the Han Dynasty.

It became a prosperous market in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The Baita river was opened in the Ming Dynasty, and the water tankers in the south of the Yangtze River entered the Grand Canal through this place, making the bridge into the grand canal transportation network and playing an increasingly important role.

During the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, a gentry named Zhu Jiang invested in the construction of a stone bridge across the two banks of the Baita River: Yongji bridge, from which the name of Daqiao town came.

Zhu Jiang once made an appointment with more than a dozen merchants in the town to jointly invest.

However, after the bridge was repaired, only two or three were willing to invest.

In the face of the “keyboard man”, Zhu Jiang smiled calmly and made every effort to bear all the expenses.

The righteous act of building the bridge to help pedestrians made the name of the bridge “Yongji bridge”.

On the morning of May 15, 54 riders from Yangzhou scenic spot Cycling Association and Subei hospital cycling Lovers Association set out from the urban area and traveled more than 60 kilometers to visit Daqiao ancient town.

The following is what they saw and heard during cycling.

The traditional starting point of the east line activity is the big stone in Qujiang park.

Although there are only more than 30 people in the photo, the team has 54 people all the way to Jiangdu for class.

If you ask, is cycling fun? This expression shows everything.

If you ask whether it’s fun to ride alone or with the group, these two female riders who came from Chahe in order to hurry also tell everything.

If you ask about riding a bridge town all the way, the picture is to take a walk and listen to the story.

You see, old Xu is introducing himself to the riders in front of his old house, which is also the provincial cultural protection unit “Xu’s house”.

As the ancestor of a wealthy businessman, he built this old house in the Qing Dynasty, which is still intact.

The mottled Gables are full of stories of years.

Yingjie was born in Yangzhou.

Shu Xingbei, who developed China’s first radar, lived here in his childhood.

After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, Shu Xingbei mainly engaged in physics research and teaching.

He died of illness in Qingdao in 1983.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon.

The folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival have been sold in the old stone street, which is still full of popularity.

There will be some handmade fabrics for sale at the old lady’s stall.

I spent 10 yuan on a duck egg basket in the shape of a small goldfish.

Did you wear it when you were a child? When I sent the photos to my circle of friends, some netizens told me that the old lady of the old lady used to be the liaison officer of the contact station of the river crossing campaign.

She has set up a stall here for decades.

She has been in the newspaper and on TV.

She is a person with a story.

A tailor on Ta Pa Street, who has been engaged in Yangzhou brush craft of the bridge for more than 30 years, is a national intangible cultural heritage project.

We happened to see a workshop exporting paintbrushes to Europe and the United States.

The landlady and her son in primary school are not afraid of strangers to come in and take photos.

The owner of this barber shop started his career at the age of 16 and has been doing it for 70 years.

What is the busiest business on the old Daqiao street, that is, all kinds of clothing stores walk through the alley to visit the former residence of Liu’s rich businessmen.

At the same time, it is also the residence of the headquarters of the New Fourth Army when it went north in 1938.

Daqiao town stepped on the historical stage twice during the northward development of the New Fourth Army and the war of liberation, leaving a page in the history of the red revolution.

After liberation, the big house became a public house.

Gong Qihu, a car friend, told me that my wife’s relatives used to work on the bridge, and the dormitory was here at that time.

I just asked my neighbors who knew him.

Lao Gong himself was also a member of the bridge.

Among his relatives, he helped the people’s Liberation Army in the river crossing campaign.

At noon, at the Shenji private restaurant in the children’s lane, we had a good taste of the local dishes.

Everyone ate at least two bowls of rice.

After dinner, according to your suggestions, we went to the bridge “tree king” that just boarded the newspaper and TV these two days.

This ginkgo tree, once located in a nunnery, is 520 years old.

The three people are barely encircled.

According to news reports, a volunteer who supports the protection of ancient trees measured that the tree is up to 22 meters high! After reading it, we returned in formation.

Lao Yang, a cyclist, even ran into his colleagues who worked here many years ago in front of a folk house.

The cycling will let us meet our friends unexpectedly.

The following is a collection of cyclists.

The theme activities of cycling to see Yangzhou have been carried out for 24 periods, which have combined the bicycle Lovers Association of Subei people’s Hospital, the bicycle sports association of the second power plant, the bicycle sports association of higher vocational schools Landun bicycle team of Yangzhou Public Security Bureau and other groups, as well as bicycle enthusiasts from various institutions, banks, schools, companies and groups in Yangzhou.

Not tall, only for ordinary Yangzhou citizens, exercise and fitness with everyone, discover the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Yangzhou, admire and be infected by beauty, spread the health and beauty of sports, the love and beauty of Yangzhou, and promote our hometown to relatives and friends around us and domestic friends.

(text: Wang Yang, picture: association riders, Wang Yang) the self-help partner of the scenic spot, Yangzhou Pinsheng Food Co., Ltd.

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