Riding to Pingsha Island in the South China Sea, passing by the place where I was born more than 50 years ago, is a long way from the past.

Today (September 4), we set out from the Zen City, followed the Guangzhou Zhanjiang Highway, passed Lanshi Bridge, Lecong Furniture City, and Longjiang River, and returned to my father’s home in Jiujiang, South China Sea.

After finishing the business, we set out from Jiujiang Town at noon, and rode along the riverbank beside the West River.

The destination is Pingsha Island in Xiqiao, South China Sea.

Then we went to the Xiqiao Folk Music Fair to see where I was born.

Then we went back to the Oriental Square from Longwan Bridge through Nanzhuang, Chancheng District.

The whole ride is 99.5 km and takes 10 hours.

It’s a very leisurely ride.

We ride while playing and don’t rush.

This is our favorite way of riding.

The track of the cycling route is shown in the blue line below: along the way, we started at 9:00 a.m., passed Foshan Avenue and Lanshi Bridge to Lecong, rode along the auxiliary road of Furniture City, crossed the Second Longjiang Bridge, and arrived at our father’s house in Jiujiang at 11:08 a.m.

This section of the road has been ridden many times, and I am too familiar with it, so I have hardly stopped along the way.

02 After the matter was settled, Lion and I started to go to Xiqiao Pingsha Island along the Wanlibi Road by the West River of Jiujiang by the ferry of Haishou Pier, which is the only way to Haishou Island of Jiujiang.

Soon, we entered the Xijiang reach of Wanlibi Road.

This is the outer river embankment, which is relatively narrow.

The road is less than 2 meters wide by visual inspection.

Only bicycles and electric vehicles are allowed to pass.

It is very comfortable to ride here.

The view on the green road is wide.

You can not only see the rippling river and the smooth passage of ships, but also see the green plants along the river, as well as the closely connected fish ponds in the river bank, which are full of vitality.

03 Our lunch plan was to go to Pingsha Island of Xiqiao to have chicken soaked in milk, but at 1:00 p.m.

we arrived at the Qingjiu Wharf of Jiujiang River.

It was still an hour away from Pingsha Island.

I was hungry and had no strength to ride.

So I asked for lunch in the old wharf restaurant here, which was approved 😄。 The two of us ate two dishes here for a total of 88 yuan.

One was steamed Xijiang dace with olives.

The chef had the right time to steam the fish.

The meat was delicious and tender; And stir fried sweet potato leaves with garlic, which is also a good taste hard to eat in the city.

Jiujiang Old Wharf used to be a passenger carrying dock for the waterway passenger ship (Red Star) from Guangzhou to Wuzhou.

Later, the land transportation became more and more developed, and fewer people took the waterway passenger ship, until the operation was cancelled, which became a full memory of many people.

04 After lunch, it was more than 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

We continued to ride west along the Qiaosang Lian Wai.

As far as we could see, Xijiang River, fish pond and flood control material sites would be available at intervals.

Pay attention to the picture below.

You can also see people fishing in the river.

I guess they are fishing for clams.

At 3:15 p.m., we arrived at the West Ferry of Pingsha, Xiqiao.

The route is Taiping Pingsha, and there is also the East Ferry of Pingsha.

The route is Pingsha Gaoming Lotus City Wharf.

Today is Sunday.

The weather is good.

It seems that many people visit Pingzhou Island.

Transition fee: 4 yuan for each single vehicle; The car costs 40 yuan including passengers.

This is the charging standard since 2017.

Pingsha Island is a river island surrounded by water on all sides and one of the few “isolated islands” in Guangdong Province.

Because the island is flat and mainly consists of sandy soil, the local people call it “Pingsha”.

The island covers an area of 7.28 square kilometers and has a permanent population of more than 5600.

The island is dominated by agricultural planting and aquaculture, without industrial production, so the air is fresh and the ecological environment is good.

The beautiful scenery on the island and the vast green grass on the small beach on the shore are very beautiful, which has the artistic conception of “Xanadu”; Walking on the road around the island, looking around, there are all kinds of green, a feeling of relaxed and happy, and green has become a theme here.

(Source: 360 encyclopedia) You can arrive at Pingsha Island in 10 minutes by ferry.

There is a Wanli Bea Road post station beside the dock.

I feel it is not used.

Several rooms of about 5 square meters are empty and happy.

It’s good to camp, and there are toilets beside them.

But I asked the local people, saying no.

And the bathroom door is closed.

Later, I learned that when visiting Pingsha Island, it is difficult to find toilets in other places except for those available for dining in restaurants.

Although there are toilets, they may not be open.

On Pingsha Island, there is a roundabout highway (about 12.5 km in total length).

Some roads are lined with green trees, with a large number of ancient banyan trees and kapok trees growing on both sides.

Riding on the island, passing the village intersection, there are many local stalls selling fresh vegetables and fruits, including sweet potatoes, raw vegetables, bananas, pumpkins, winter melons, zucchini, vegetables, eggs, etc., which are quite cheap.

Go ahead and come to the gate of Pingsha Village Committee.

It is said that there are 6 ancient banyan trees that have been over 100 years old.

The 12.5km roundabout road in Pingsha Island is also part of Wanlibi Road, where you can enjoy a wide, endless and relaxed ride.

Although cars are allowed to go to the island, there is almost no case where cars and bicycles vie with each other.

You can see how safe it is here by seeing how hard the children ride.

At 5:10 in the afternoon, we happily completed the round island ride on Pingsha Island and took the ferry back to Xiqiao Taiping Ferry again.

Pingsha Island has a first-class ecological environment, no industrial pollution, fresh air and simple entertainment facilities.

The main entertainment on the island is cycling, hiking, farmhouse entertainment, fruit picking, etc.

However, compared with Haishou Island, there are few public restrooms and rest areas, which is not suitable for people like us who like camping outdoors.

Note: The distant mountain in the picture below is Xiqiao Mountain..