Riding tips let you easily get through the potholes on the road.

It is believed that there are countless pits and manhole covers on the road, as well as ups and downs of patches and drops.

Riding on this bumpy road has always been a pain for all cyclists.

Do you often suffer from similar problems? If you are riding a mountain bike, it is OK.

The shock absorbers and wide tires can help you get over these dents and bumps smoothly.

However, if you are not a mountain bike type, you will have to rely on your own luck.

If you are careless or unlucky, you may fall down on something that should not be pressed, and you may get bruised at any time.

In addition to always paying attention to the road conditions and carefully avoiding obstacles, don’t forget that the human body itself is the best shock absorber.

In the bicycle era, we will share some tips on controlling bicycles, so that riders can use them when there is no flash, and successfully cross every trap.

Riding a bicycle is not only about physical strength, but also about cross-country skills.

Obstacle 1: Riding in a pothole on a bumpy road, there are often potholes or depressions.

Riders should relax their limbs and use their bodies to buffer.

Tips for riding on bumpy roads: 1.

During riding, riders should keep their attention focused, observe the road conditions ahead, and keep alert.


If you see potholes or bumps on the road ahead, speed up and leave the seat cushion to cushion the impact when passing the potholes.

When passing through the pothole, the hips leave the cushion to cushion the impact when passing through the pothole 3.

When passing through the bumpy road, the elbows and knees of the riders keep slightly bent, and use their body joints to withstand the vibration of riding and pass quickly.

When passing the bumpy road, keep your elbows and knees slightly bent and relaxed, and use your body to bear the vibration obstacle of riding 2.

The manhole cover with high convex ditch cover is not only easy to fall, but also can cause damage to the wheel frame or tires.

It is recommended to lift the front wheels to avoid impact.

Front wheel lifting skills: 1.

Keep the pedal horizontal, step down with your front foot and pull up the handlebars of the vehicle with both hands, and lean back your body weight.


Keep your arms straight.

If necessary, move your hips slightly downward and backward.

It is easier to lift the car with a low center of gravity.

Obstacle 3: Traps such as ditch covers and expansion joints are definitely the number one killer of road vehicles.

The width of road vehicle tires is just right and can be stuffed into the gap, which is very easy to cause forward overturning and serious damage to the wheel set.

At this time, the technique of “dolphin jumping” can be used, and mountain bikers can also use this method to avoid obstacles or road holes when riding on forest roads.

The consequences of the front wheel inserted into this kind of slit will be unimaginable: 1.

When stepping on the pedal, the pedal will remain horizontal, and the center of gravity of the person will fall down at the same time.


After bending your knees, your body will jump up and pull up the body.

After bending the knees, the body will jump up instantly and pull up the body.

Hook the pedal up and lift the rear wheel.


Knees and elbows can be slightly bent when falling to absorb the shock when landing.

Knees and elbows can be slightly bent to absorb the shock when landing.

In addition to relying on your own body and skills to pass through the danger, there are still many bicycle parts that can help shock absorption or improve the shock absorption effect.

Later, we will introduce some shock absorption methods used by athletes in competitions, as well as various special shock absorption parts for your reference, so that riders can ride with peace of mind and happiness in Taiwan, where the road will be flat in any year or month.

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