Riding Tips | how much fun is it to ride the gravel road bike in the friends circle?

Do you want to own a “universal road vehicle” that can be used for commuting, riding, hiking, training, shopping, and even racing (long-distance endurance race)? What kind of vehicle can have such comprehensive functions? That is the recently popular gravel road bike riding in the friends’ circle.

In China, gravel road vehicles are relatively small compared with other models, but they are very popular in Europe and America.

Last year, Zhang Jingkun, the online star of Tiktok bicycle circle, assembled a gravel road bike and organized gravel riders to travel around Hainan Island.

This year, he assembled a second gravel road bike to promote the way of gravel biking and camping.

Fans responded strongly, making many riders aware of gravel road bikes and gravel biking.

Gravel road vehicle is an extension product of urbanization and leisure.

Generally speaking, gravel road vehicle is an SUV among bicycles.

First of all, longer wheelbase, more comfortable sitting posture, outspread handlebars and wider tires provide stable handling; Secondly, almost any type of tire can be replaced, such as changing the road wheel set to pursue speed, or changing the mountain wheel set to pursue grip.

If your budget is limited, you only need to prepare one more tire to enjoy two riding experiences, so you can ride on paved roads like a road bike or in forest roads like a mountain bike.

Finally, gravel road vehicles can also be equipped with travel accessories such as front frame, rear frame, side frame, fender, riding bag and so on.

They can drag bags for long-distance riding around.

It is a car specially designed for riding enthusiasts.

In general, gravel road bikes are suitable for leisure cyclists of all ages.

The leisure cycling routes cover a variety of road conditions, such as asphalt roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, wetlands, small drop forest roads, etc.

the road conditions are rich, mainly for recreation.

Most of the bikes loved by cyclists are mountain bikes.

When buying a new car or changing a bike, cyclists no longer only have the option to buy a mountain bike.

Gravel road bikes can easily take you farther away, truly return to the nature of riding, let two wheels replace your feet, enjoy the scenery along the way, and enjoy the fun of cycling..