Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: January 29, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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When you really experience how money really changes your life and all the difficulties in your life from the services you buy with money, you will establish a truly reasonable view of money.

Money is for a better life, not that we destroy the whole life and can only exchange that money.


We are not people with strong self-control.

Don’t challenge our perseverance, such as gambling and drug abuse.


It is a high level for people to live their whole life without being able to shine and heat for others and without bothering others.


80% of maintenance disputes occur in families with many children, and “prevarication” and “comparison” are often the key to the problem.

“Parental bias” ranked first among the excuses for refusing support.


It is safest for a ship to stop at the dock, but that is not the purpose of shipbuilding; People stay at home is the most comfortable, but that is not the meaning of life; The best way of life is to run on the road of dreams with a group of like-minded people.


The most powerful way to make money is to learn from fruitful people, but not in training or MLM.


In fact, meeting some people or things that make you unhappy is not necessarily a bad thing, because the people and things that always make you happy will not make your mind grow.


Everyone knows what they want, but not everyone has the courage to express it.

Gradually, they know how powerful it is to have one heart and one mouth.


The biggest change from middle age is that you start to be indifferent to what you like, and the people you like don’t have to get it.

You know your ability boundary, and you also know that life must be imperfect.


The biggest cost of socializing is taking the time to care about people who don’t care much about you.


Life is: no matter what major you study, you must find a job you like, so that you are happy from 6 a.m.

to 8 p.m.

every day.

Find another person you like, so you’ll be happy from 8 p.m.

to 6 a.m.


The most important thing in making friends is to share the same frequency with each other.

You can communicate without concealment.

You don’t have to worry that the other party will look down on yourself.

You don’t need to explain in a roundabout way.

You can also be accurately received by the other party.

Such a person can be met but not sought.

It takes some luck to meet him.

If he meets him, he must be cherished.


The most important thing in managing public oriented we media is not how high its own level and how nutritious its content is.

The most important thing is the ability to “please the public”.

You can write whatever the people want to hear.

Don’t disagree with the public.

If people are unhappy, they will take it off.

Don’t write what the public doesn’t like to hear.

If you can’t write the public’s voice, people won’t try their best to forward it at the same time.

Don’t talk about what the public doesn’t understand.

People play mobile phones for entertainment and don’t want to waste their brains.

Don’t write about things that the public doesn’t care about.

Write more entertainment gossip and social hot spots.

What everyone wants to see is new things.

Who will use unpopular topics as conversation after dinner.

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