Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: January 28, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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People’s situation may be as changeable as the weather.

Once the scenery, now may have been bleak; Once unknown, it may be in the limelight now.

Like a running water mat, it will be transferred to your house today and to my house tomorrow.

So never just look at one person’s results, because they are temporary and accumulated from the past.

After the surface is bright, it may be a long downhill road.

When there is no progress in the struggle, it may also turn over suddenly in the game because of accumulation.

To see a person’s energy and spirit, see his dynamics, see the principles he adheres to, look deeper and look longer.

This will make you have enough common sense to others and yourself.

A bigger advantage is that you have the ability to predict.

You can infer your own future and the future of the people you meet.


Many times, we can’t stick to a boring thing.

The root cause is that we can’t find its immediate feedback.

The reason why playing cards is so attractive is that it can be rewarded or punished in each round, and the return is very immediate.


There is a saying: it is easy for people to overestimate their short-term potential and underestimate their long-term potential.

I think the essence of this matter is that it is easy to underestimate short-term difficulties and overestimate long-term difficulties.


The essence of life is to live alone.

Don’t expect too much from others.

We always want to find someone who can share the pain and sadness for ourselves, but most of the time, our earth shaking pain is nothing but dust in the eyes of others.

Perhaps the loneliness of adults is the self passage of sorrow and joy, which is also our rare freedom—— Marquez’s one hundred years of solitude 5.

Personality is the core competitiveness—— Zeng Qifeng, a teacher, now more and more agree with this sentence.

For example, love, authenticity, perseverance, initiative, responsibility and so on seem to be basic qualities, but they are all luxuries.

College education is easy to obtain, and these basic qualities are rare.


Many talented people have been deprived of the will to struggle or the mind to be lazy to do so by their affordable work and life.

Boiled frogs in warm water will devalue their talent.


The cost of protecting rights or collecting debts afterwards is generally ten times, a hundred times or even more than that of doing research in advance.

When talking to someone, if you need to explain and persuade the other person, it is also an asymmetric relationship.

Because persuasion takes energy, and the other party can always use the cost of one yuan to explain it by consuming your cost of 10 yuan or even 100 yuan.

Many things, in the final analysis, are a problem of cost asymmetry.

Therefore, when interacting with the outside world, we must try our best to maintain the asymmetry of cost, which is beneficial to you.

We must not do stupid things with the cost of ten yuan and the cost of one yuan of the other party, otherwise we will be punished by objective laws soon.


We advocate travel because our world is too small.

Celebrities and entrepreneurs don’t travel.

Excellent people have a world-class perspective.

People and culture are the ultimate travel goals.

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