Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: January 26, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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A reasonable, United and harmonious family will prosper sooner or later.

Home and everything prosper, home and everything decline, which is an eternal truth.

Economic problems are important problems, but as long as we work together and work hard, we can almost solve them.

It is temporary for a penny to defeat a hero, and the courage and insight of a hero is the foundation of wealth creation.


Tactically, we should regard ourselves as ordinary people, be down-to-earth and do not overestimate ourselves; Strategically, we should regard ourselves as geniuses and only learn from the world’s top great men.

Objective laws are universal and can be used to improve the probability of small probability events (good things).


Smart people will know how to cater to others and how to make others like them; A wise man is one who can guide and influence others and make them want to get close and follow.


In middle age, it is absolutely true to find that “every family has its own difficult scriptures”.

There are many families that you think are perfect.

Once you open up and chat, you know that there are big and small things.


The human cage is made of desire.

What you desire, others can lock you up with what you want.


If you are good at using money, 90% of the problems in life can be solved with this tool, the remaining 9% can be solved by top wisdom, and the last 1% is the limitation of life.

If you can’t use money, even if there are many tools, you can’t solve the problem and waste this tool.

The problem that can be solved with money is really a basic problem.


To raise and abolish a child completely is to constantly accuse him of doing nothing, and then help him do everything.


I like Roy martiner’s words very much: “one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life is that I no longer worry about what others think of me.

After that, I am really free to do what I think is best for myself.

We become free only when we don’t need the approval of others.” Life is like this.

No matter what you do, you can’t meet everyone.

I hope everyone can be more open-minded, free and easy, and don’t rush to the road with the eyes of others.

To live without the eyes of others is to be truly happy.

Therefore, do what you want to do, love what you want to love, and don’t be influenced by others.


For everyone in the mud and adversity, there is only one choice to strive to become better.

It’s not too late to start over, unless you’re willing to compromise and give in.


Everyone is an engine.

The failed person hasn’t started himself all his life, while the excellent person has been gently stepping on the accelerator.

To judge whether a person has the potential to succeed, we only need to see whether he has autonomy, whether he can pressurize himself, and whether he can control the right of choice in his own hands.

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