Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: February 5, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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The four manifestations of the famous psychologist Professor Jordan Peterson’s “pseudo diligence”: (1) spend a lot of time doing the easiest part of things, and show off everywhere: there is no credit but hard work.

(2) Procrastination in the name of “preparation” looks busy, but things haven’t made any progress.

(3) Never verify the results of work, do not know whether it is good or bad, just pull the car, do not look up at the sky.

(4) Read a lot of books, but never summarize the rules; Even if the law is summarized, it is not used in practice.


“When you know more than most people around you, you tend to become an unpopular person.

Because you know what they say and they don’t understand what you say.” 3.

Adults should have the ability to manage emotions.

You can express anger, but you can’t express anger.

The world of adults depends on their strength.

Their mouths are useless.

Stay away from those who always complain, quarrel and nag.

They haven’t grown up yet.

It’s always right to say less and do more.


Many people are mediocre all their life because of the word “rely on”: rely on their parents at home, rely on their friends when going out, and rely on anything, but not on themselves.

Wait, shit, it’s the weak culture.

Always count on the help of noble people, rely on others to help themselves through difficulties, and regard others as their Savior.

But there is no savior in the world.

If there is a savior, it can only be yourself who becomes strong, not others.


Love, everyone will say, but once faced with the responsibility and morality accompanying love, people suddenly become timid and cowardly—— Wu nianzhen 6.

Choose to do something spontaneous and pure, just like when you were a child; Choose to do something you would choose to do even without external rewards; Choose to do something you can focus on doing without sleep or food; Do what you like best, not what you think you like or should like, but your true love.

This passage comes from “excellent sheep”.

It’s for you and me.


Growth is that you will eventually find that there are everyone in the world.

When you can open-minded face them, have the power to control anger, and no longer want to forcibly change who, it will be your own rebirth.

Take care of yourself, but do good deeds without crossing others.


Some people’s life can be relaxed.

Some people’s life is the Olympic Games.

They were born on the runway.

If they don’t run with all their strength, they are doomed to be eliminated.

What’s more, even if they run hard, they may not be able to defeat many people.


How to prevent social fatigue: (1) There must be someone who will refute you.

Don’t care too much; (2).

It doesn’t matter to be hated.

Just communicate with the people you like; (3).

Those who are mixed with negative personality in criticism can be ignored directly; (4).

Face malice, do not have to be kind; (5).

Don’t try to convince everyone—— Badass CEO 10.

The so-called maturity of many people is just rubbed away by customs and become worldly and practical.

That is not maturity, but the premature aging of spirit and the demise of personality.

True maturity should be the formation of unique personality, the discovery of true self, spiritual results and harvest.


At this age, no one wants to please anymore.

Stay with anyone who is comfortable, including friends.

Stay away when you are tired.

To please others is far better than to be happy with yourself.

I’d rather be alone than against my heart.

I’d rather regret than make do with it—— Su Qin likes this article.

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