Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: February 4, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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The so-called power of action is not to win at all times.

It’s precisely in a haze that you do what you see.

Do what you can and do what you can.

No matter whether things can be achieved in the end, take the first step first; Just like your own point of view, if others agree, express it first.

Action will strengthen your belief that you can succeed.


It’s easy for a person to become rich, that is, he wants to become rich.

It is basically impossible for a person who has no strong desire for money to become rich.

Of course, it is far from enough to have ambition for money.

We should also have super action force to turn our strong desire for money into action to implement and land, and we can’t really only have desire.


What constitutes a person’s destiny is his choice, his behavior and the consequences of his behavior – whether good or bad – fundamentally, it is the manifestation of his heart.

“Sincerity” means that everything is the result of our own choice.

Our current life is not caused by others, but the result of our own choice.


Every child is born with originality and solitude.

Although it is not perfect, it has strong uniqueness, uniqueness and irreplaceable.

We don’t always want to let children learn from each other, but to help children know themselves as much as possible, develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and give full play to their talents and love.


Zhuangzi said that summer insects cannot speak ice.

Confucius said: Tao is different, do not conspire.

The former emphasizes the difference of vision, while the latter emphasizes the difference of heart.

Vision affects the heart.


In the sales process, if you regard the negotiation with customers as a game, your only choice is to rely on persuasion.

The process of persuasion seems to be your initiative.

In fact, the initiative is entirely in the hands of the customer.

The customer only needs one reason to cooperate with you.

If the customer is not willing to cooperate with you, there will be a thousand reasons.

Therefore, if you want to cooperate with customers by persuasion, you may be rejected at any time.


In the past, it was said that the rich could not be more than three generations, mainly because of family style.

Unhealthy family style and lack of family education will harm future generations.

Many people don’t realize that they are doing well and won’t have any problems, but in the end, the problem is like the middle-aged people crying.

They really can’t stand it and their emotions collapse.

The superposition of many small things eventually leads to qualitative change, and those Jiangnan families who can prosper for more than ten generations have good family style and tutoring.


Being loved also needs talent.

I really envy those who can accept the kindness of others with generosity.

Every time I receive kindness, I always feel flustered from time to time.

I’m afraid I can’t afford it, I’m afraid I can’t repay it, and I’m afraid I can’t live up to other people’s expectations.

I always think about how to repay it next time.


There is no need to let everyone know the real you, or you don’t need to keep telling people what kind of person I am.

Because this is ineffective, people will only want to see what they want to see—— Chen Danqing’s fear and love of our time 10.

In Shawshank’s redemption, he said: any place you don’t like and can’t leave, any life you don’t like and can’t get rid of, is prison.

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