Riding thousands of miles also reads thousands of books. Reading and sharing: February 3, 2022

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Ten thousand volumes of books are theory and ten thousand miles of road is practice.

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The difference between people, or the difference of knowledge structure, cognitive difference.


These differences ultimately determine the difference of fate.

This is a very cruel thing.


Reading and making money are the best practices in one’s life.

The former makes people confused, while the latter makes people unyielding.

The combination of the two is really not trapped in the world and not vulgar.


Diligence is only the standard configuration of outstanding people.

For ordinary people, it is a huge threshold.

For outstanding people, it is only the cheapest foundation, because everyone can do it.

If you work hard, you can get results, and everyone can be admitted to Peking University.


Life must think clearly of three questions: first, what do you have? Second, what do you want? Third, what can you give up? For most people: what is it? It’s easy to evaluate your current situation; What would you like? I also have my own clear ideas in my heart; The most difficult thing is that you don’t know or dare not give up.

This can determine whether what you want can really be realized.

No one can get everything without giving up.

There are many roads, many branches and trees.

Only when you abandon something can you get something.


The key to adult learning is not to increase the amount of information, but to improve their thinking model.

In the low-level thinking model, adding more content is only low-level repetition.

Only by improving the level of thinking model can we accept more high-dimensional information and knowledge.


It’s interesting to see a view today that behind the rise of live broadcasting is the degradation of consumption.

Who TM has money and leisure to watch advertisements for two hours before buying things is trying to be cheap.


What really hinders our learning is not what we don’t know, but what we know.

Because what we know will form our mind set, and mind set will make us reject new things.

We should always have an empty cup mentality and have the courage to accept and learn new things.

Don’t let them buy something on Taobao like the old people around us.

They all think it’s online MLM.


About knowledge payment, let’s talk about a cost-effective method: no matter what course, training camp or book, we are talking about general knowledge.

In 20 classes, the knowledge that is really useful to you may only be 10 minutes.

That is to say, the underlying logic is the same.

Because the teacher doesn’t know your current level and what your card point is.

Is there a one-on-one guidance specially prepared for you? have It’s your immediate leader.

Find a way to invite him to dinner and gain courses that are far more than thousands of yuan.

Not only the leaders, but also the rich people around us are worth our dinner.

9、 “Before a person becomes truly powerful, he will always experience a state of relative depression, which is the embodiment of the inward collapse of all previous vanity.

This depression is not depression in mood disorder, it is a feeling of depression but not helplessness.

It sends out a wish to himself in the future with the most silent but completely coherent continuous state of mind, which is the deepest part of a person’s heart The certainty of reconstruction.

” 10.

Two great ways to protect yourself: first, don’t mix with dirty people and things.

These things will devour your emotions and your energy.

They are like water plants growing in a rotten mud pond, winding you, but they will not give you any upward energy.

Second, refuse to be a person with a flattering personality.

If you don’t please others, you will respect your ideas and make your own choices.

Use your time to please yourself.

Instead of swaying left and right for a compliment from others.

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