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The more people who are short of money, the less eager they are to make money, but they should reflect on why they are always short of money! If a person can’t earn money for a long time, it means that what he lacks is not opportunities and capital, but the thinking and ability to earn wealth.

Therefore, he should make up for his defect first.

As long as you have the ability and thinking to earn wealth, even if you are a loser now, you can counter attack and overturn.


Whether it is a country or an individual, try not to find a sense of superiority, which will make you lag behind; Find more gaps, which will make you progress.


Life is not like cooking.

You can’t wait until everything is ready.

Do whatever you want, and don’t have the burden of perfectionism.

Don’t wait for the opportunity to be lost before you regret not seizing it—— Men and women 4.

Too much sadness in the world is not because they have lost, but because others have got it.


Calling on girls to make more money doesn’t mean to make girls become a female man or even raise a little white face.

Just no money will certainly affect feelings and mate selection.

Poor people are either easy to feel inferior or easy to be greedy.

It is a vulgar truth that those who have been asking for it from the palm of their hand have no right to speak.

If you have money, you will have your own temperament.


A mature person, a person who can easily control the relationship of everyone around them, they all have one thing in common: they know what they can bring to others.

When you make this ideal clear, the world seems to open the door to you, and many things are clear at once.

Most of the time, don’t always expect the other party to do what, but instead, ask yourself what I can do first? And does the other party think my efforts are valuable? If you want to understand this, everything will be smooth.

This method is suitable for everyone, including your parents and your spouse.

Your status is not determined by what you have or will, but by what you can bring to others.


All human fears are due to ignorance.

You are afraid of the night.

In fact, the night does nothing.

You are afraid of viruses.

In fact, viruses are also afraid of you.

The strength of a person’s aura depends entirely on his wisdom.

People with strong aura are kings in secret wherever they are.

People with weak aura are always full of enemies.


Pessimism is useless.

Everyone wants to be born in a good family, but they can’t choose their parents.

What kind of card you are given, you can only try to play it well—— Tokano Guiwu’s “Shisheng” 9.

When encountering good opportunities and goals, what we need most is concentration rather than motivation.

People’s energy and time are limited.

Don’t be greedy.

Only focus is the easiest way to succeed.

For example, most of the world’s top rich are not high IQ and high Eq.

the secret of their success is only two words: focus; Only by focusing on one field can we have the possibility of success.


What is high marriage? Very simple.

The only standard is to live better after marriage than before.

There are two aspects: first, I have more money on hand and won’t buckle and search for daily necessities, rice, oil and salt; Second, have a relaxed and happy life, like yourself more and tolerate others more; The first point is that 80% of women are stuck.

They marry and have a child, and the consumption is degraded with the naked eye.

I’m afraid it’s not pleasant to see anything because of large expenses and less money.

There are also two solutions: one is to increase income, and the other is to admit your fate.

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