Riding the Heyuan Evergreen Lake (Part 2) 100 km mountain road warm-up ends, showing you the scenery of lakes and mountains with a hard core

Hi, everyone.

I started again.

Now it’s all cement pavement.

It’s so good.

Cement pavement makes me feel better when riding.

And there aren’t so many ghostly young people who are afraid that they will bump into my asphalt pavement when they split.

They always remind me to be in the tourist attraction.

Then I understand why I didn’t see the lake all day yesterday after swaying, Recently, only this one was originally enclosed by the scenic area.

The children who come to Heyuan to play can have a look at Yequ Valley, Guishan Mountain, and Wanlv Valley.

The friends who don’t want to go to the scenic area can drive to Xinhuilong Town to open the lake, Infinite scenery.

Now young people have no income in the town.

They have no business in the town.

They can’t even find a simple meal.

So when they put up the pot under the stove in a safe place, they found that the pot was too small.

For a moment, they didn’t know what to do.

Why didn’t the product manager who produced the pot do market research? Considering the instant noodle owner’s feelings, I changed to the titanium pot of Snowpeak in Shaoguan.

The instant noodles were cooked in the same way At the end of the trip, Xichang Town will take a boat back to Xingang Town for 30 yuan.

One and a half hours of sightseeing will take you to see the beautiful lakes and mountains, and you will not get seasick, which will kill a lot of scenic spots Wanlu Lake.

It is not a natural lake.

Like Qiandao Lake, it is a hydropower project in the 1950s.

After the construction of Xinfengjiang Dam, the lake gradually formed is an important drinking water source in Guangdong, It is the golden mountain and silver mountain that have paid a visit..