Riding the greenway around the city to teach me user thinking

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I am an insurance broker.

In October, Dafu challenged himself to ride 108 kilometers of Chengdu Ring Road, which took 7 hours to complete.

This 7 hours is very interesting.

I started from Qinglong Lake and rode all the way clockwise.

My mobile phone ran out of power about 50km away.

But after I continued to ride for 35km, I didn’t find a rechargeable battery.

Until Baihua Valley in Xindu, I was attracted by a fast-growing noodle stand on the roadside, not because I was hungry, but because his signboard also wrote “free charging” in addition to “fried noodles”.

Later, I not only charged the electricity at the noodle stand, but also ate rice and bought water.

Later, I learned from the boss that he even had free first-aid kits and repair equipment.

He asked me to advertise for him in the cycling group, and I readily agreed! You can see that businesses with user thinking are easy to succeed anywhere—— Activity preview – click the card above to follow the “Spicy Inspiration” for 60 seconds every day.

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