[Riding Teenagers | Day Camp] Get on the chariot, expand your own territory, experience different worlds, and pursue the desire of

Riding is an aerobic exercise, the best way for children to grow up healthily and happily.

Riding is the most exploratory exercise.

With the help of wheels, children can expand their territory and experience different worlds.

The state of riding on the road, freedom, unknown, expectation and surprise.

Riding on the road, the sense of unknown in front can enhance the positive enterprising spirit, and controlling the bicycle is a process from frustration to confidence.

Instead of complaining that children always give up halfway and lack the character of perseverance; Instead of staying at home every holiday, it is better to experience the beauty of Fuzhou and the pleasure and freedom of cycling in this National Day holiday.

Feel the charm of breaking the wind in pursuit of the wind, and pursue the desire for breakthrough in extreme speed.

The harvest of the camp: 1.

Learn to choose the bike that suits you 2.

Choose the appropriate riding protective equipment 3.

Know the basic structure of the bike 4.

Learn riding skills and experience 5.20 km of riding routes 6.

Gain two rounds of friendship and broaden interpersonal communication 7.

Enhance willpower and resilience 8.

Physical training and exercise of physical fitness Course No 1.

Cycling skills and gesture exercises For campers who are new to cycling, mastering the riding skills is twice the result with half the effort.

The riding posture, braking, speed change skills, turning, climbing and downhill skills, and the correct wearing of safety equipment are all guided by our riding instructor.

Under the guidance of the coach, he was equipped and stepped onto the bike.

There was a leader in front of him and a solid shield behind him.

The wind was howling behind his ears.

He overcame various slopes and bays, and expanded his territory with the help of the children on wheels.

He felt the beauty of Fujian together.

The variable and brake of No.

2 bicycle are used in daily riding.

Parents and children rarely use the transmission correctly.

When riding uphill, they are short of breath, swing their upper body from side to side, and pedal hard.

This is mostly because they did not select the transmission correctly and reasonably.

If you want to ride fast, easily and far, you must learn to use the transmission correctly and reasonably.

The braking frequency of mountain bikes is much higher than that of other types of bikes, such as road bikes.

The braking technology directly affects the speed and safety of riding.

Of course, you need to know your brake.

How long will it take to stop you? How many cars won’t dump you? You must know all this at your fingertips.


3 Mountain bike riding posture, riding on flat obstacles+s circling, learning good body posture, riding posture is the key to riding a mountain bike successfully and efficiently.

The road surface of mountain biking is usually covered with gravel, mud, ruts and other obstacles.

Correct body riding posture will help us overcome these obstacles, which can reduce body bumps when encountering obstacles, so as to achieve faster riding speed.

Mastering techniques that have overcome obstacles can give you more choices when you encounter situations.

The S-shaped turn around exercise enables children to better master the turning skills of mountain bikes.

No.320km riding challenge, 20 km riding with perseverance and courage is not only a test of physical strength and endurance, but also a test of willpower.

Don’t retreat, don’t give up, break through the double obstacles of body and mind.

Challenge the green road around the Minjiang River and encourage campers to persevere on the challenging road to challenge themselves.

Although the process of growth is full of hardships, we should find our own scenery, enjoy it, and add a touch of color to the road of growth.

Coach Fan, the leader of the cycling line, has 15 years of experience in outdoor cycling, and the national first level referee of bicycles has more than 10 years of experience in organizing activities, leading teams, logistics and organizing competitions.

Good team leadership and organization ability, strong sense of security.

Scheduling logistics support ✔ The safety assurance instructor personally tested the route, with a total length of 20km riding challenge, to ensure that the route is scientific and reasonable, and the whole process is accompanied by professional teachers.

✔ The equipment configuration and hardware facilities are superior, and the quality of mountain bikes is guaranteed; Full set of riding protection: children’s helmet, children’s elbow and knee pads for riding, and children’s professional training mountain bike.

✔ With a 1:4 ratio of teachers and students, a team of highly matched tutors will lead, protect and conclude the whole journey, eliminate safety blind spots and ensure the safety of children’s riding.

Another photography teacher will record the children’s riding moments.

Camp information Camp time: October 2, 2022 Enrollment fee for National Day Camp on October 3, 2022 Enrollment fee for National Day Camp on October 3, 2022 Activity fee: 448 yuan/person Click to enroll * Welcome institution class group customization fee includes course design fee, course tutor fee, course material fee, venue fee and outdoor insurance fee.

It is particularly stated that it is difficult for a professional team to ensure 100% safety of children during bicycle training, because the overall injury rate of cycling is about 0.5%, the injury rate of football, basketball and other sports is basically maintained at about 2%, and running may be higher, even between 3% and 5%.

In fact, there will be some risks in sports, even in walking.

Therefore, we must consider clearly that there is a higher risk in cycling.

The team members and parents who are going to participate in the mountain bike training camp should read the following requirements: First, the child should be healthy, with no injuries to his knees, ankles, hypertension, asthma and other diseases; Article 2: No operation has been performed recently; Article 3: Have a certain ability to bear hardships and spirit of struggle; Children’s character: autistic, hyperactive, communication barrier, too timid, without basic safety awareness, and not participating in any sports learning.

Article 4: Parents will not worry excessively, and the elderly will not interfere with the training; Article 5: Have certain experience in outdoor sports; Students who are over 6 years old and can independently complete daily life such as washing, dressing and eating, and have strong self-care ability..