Riding “style camping” to unlock the new outdoor play methods

For contemporary young people, their spare time is an important sample of their living conditions.

Compared with the uncontrollable travel, this generation of friends prefer to “go at will”.

Ride AVENTON out of the “wild”, use E-BIKE to unlock various new camping methods, dance with nature with a natural and free attitude, and enjoy life at will.

Autumn is high and cool, and the climate is pleasant.

In the season most suitable for camping, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and urban streets are their playgrounds.

In this comfortable, harmonious and “social interaction” environment, AVENTONE-BIKE, as a new style of leisure riding, increases more possibilities for exploring outdoors.

Adhering to the professional welding process and pursuing a more pure aesthetic and dynamic profile, AVENTON mainly introduces SINCH and AVENTURE models, both of which use 6061 aluminum alloy frames as a whole.

With smooth lines and a strong rear, they outline the spirit of adventure.

The hidden LG integrated battery cell design, together with the lower tube hidden charging interface, provides users with riding convenience.

The hard core configuration of the all terrain fat tire and shock absorbing front fork also greatly enhances the off-road performance of outdoor riding.


You can camp in the wild, walk along the sea, have a picnic in the mountains, or just feel the four seasons and streets in the city…

For the diversity of outdoor play, we focus on camping and introduce several themes of “stylized camping”, which may help you open a new experience of natural life.

SoloCamping is a popular camping method in recent years.

SoloCamping is the ultimate experience of letting yourself go and enjoying camping alone, which is loved by young people.

A car, a tent, an orange oil lamp, and a chair can enjoy the tranquility of the vast sky and the vast earth.

Maybe a cup of boiled tea can be integrated with the outdoor atmosphere.

Yaya is also a member of solocamping.

She rides AVENTON to camp in a corner of the forest.

She gets rid of the uneasiness and breathes in sync with nature.

Here she finds real peace of mind and enjoys unparalleled solitude.

Left and right sliding.