Riding strategy (common sense + equipment list)

Cycling is a very good fitness exercise.

However, don’t just ride hard, but also pay attention to the correct riding posture, so as not to cause sports injury.

Especially when the motorcade is moving, the riding principle of keeping smooth movements and mastering the road conditions in advance should be maintained in any case, which is also a sport that needs mutual trust.

Outdoor cycling common sense: busy urbanites use their rest time to put on cool cycling clothes, ride their beloved bicycles, or in twos and threes, or join a team to release pressure and mood in speed and strength.

However, for the sake of safety first, do not change to the highest gear when climbing.

Be sure to choose the appropriate gear that allows you to pass the slope smoothly.

Every time you encounter an uphill rush, move your hips away from the seat and step hard, which will also make you tired and break your legs.

Therefore, do not step on the pedal when you go uphill.

Be sure to make good use of the tooth position transformation to keep the force application stable when you go uphill.

In addition, when climbing the slope, don’t suddenly stand up and ride.

Be sure to move your hips away from the seat slowly with a gentle and smooth action.

When you suddenly stand up and climb the slope, your bike will have a slight tendency to recoil, and the left-right swing of the body will offset the power of the front wheels.

Don’t stare at the route or obstacles on the road.

Be sure to focus on the moving line of your bike.

Because the car moves with your line of sight, if you keep your eyes on the obstacle, your bike will naturally move towards it.

Fighter pilots call it a “directional landmark”.

The main types of bicycles include mountain bicycles, road bicycles and folding bicycles.

This is the most popular type of car users at present.

Among them, mountain bike is the most widely used.

Mountain bike is an all-round bicycle, which has no requirements for road conditions.

It has very good trafficability for complex road conditions.

Majors generally have 29 inches and 27.5 inches.

Compared with mountain bikes, road bikes have a choice of roads.

It is more suitable for speeding on flat roads.

Road tires generally have no tooth marks and are relatively thin and narrow.

This design allows road vehicles to give full play to their advantages on flat roads.

If the mountain is an off-road vehicle of automobile type, then the highway belongs to the sedan of automobile type.

Folding car, also often called wheelbarrow.

The advantage is that it is easy to carry.

It can take subway and bus.

The speed of ordinary folding cars can not be compared with professional mountain or highway, but the modified folding cars are not only convenient to carry, but also comparable to mountain bikes.

Advice for novices: in terms of equipment, natural helmets and gloves are indispensable.

In terms of bicycles, you can buy big brand packaged bicycles in major car stores.

The price of more than 1000 yuan is better.

You can also buy parts from the car store and assemble them.

I personally suggest that the assembly is ideal, because the assembly is more humanized and will be more in line with the owner’s own body shape and habits.

Assemble a high cost-effective one, about 3000 yuan.

Here are some essential items for long-distance cycling.

List of riding items I.

piggyback bag (or backpack) (piggyback bag, rain cover, raincoat).

Provincial map along the way.

Headlights or other lamps must be equipped with.

Tire repair tools (tire rubber, tire file, tire patch, tire raking device, air cylinder), Allen wrench, slotted and cross screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers.

Inner tube, brake shoe, a small piece of rope, knife.

(the tools should be carried by the team members with poor delivery conditions to prevent them from puncturing the tire when they are unable to contact).

External medicine (Yunnan Baiyao chuangketi, medical tape), cold medicine (cold capsule), anti-inflammatory medicine (cephalexin), dysentery medicine (PPA, berberine), heatstroke medicine (salt supplement, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, cooling oil, essential balm).

Sunscreen (face, neck, arms, upper and outer sides of bare thighs, outer side of upper half of calf).

A small amount of food (enough to replenish energy once, and then buy it after use), sugar lumps, 2 liters of water (at least there should be a kettle that can fill hot water), toiletries.

Helmet, gloves, cycling clothes (the coat should not be too loose to prevent great wind resistance; at least one pair of padded cycling pants), sandals (or other shoes and 2 pairs of socks), code watch.

The second set of simple cycling clothes (for replacement) and one set of long sleeved clothes (free from July to August).

It’s cheaper to find a family hotel for accommodation, with prices ranging from 5-35 yuan / person (double room, bed, fan, mosquito repellent incense and public shower are also acceptable).

Avoid eating too much pepper on the way to prevent fire.

The items in the pack shall be packed in plastic bags to prevent flooding.

Those who wear glasses can carry a hat with a particularly long brim.

When it rains, they can ride to prevent their glasses from being blurred by water.

Protecting the hips is the key to ensure cycling.

During long-distance cycling in summer, it is easy to sweat when stepping down, and it is also prone to dermatitis and other symptoms (I have experienced ^ ^).

Sprinkle some talcum powder before riding to maintain comfort.

In the process of riding, there is a lot of friction, and talcum powder can also be added appropriately (untested).

If there is no riding clothes, especially riding pants, you can directly wear elastic tight pants, do not wear other clothes inside (you have experienced ^ ^ ^), and apply some lubricating grease on the parts that are often rubbed (untested).


Small scissors 2 Rubber band 3 If you feel necessary, you can bring a small hair dryer..