Riding story – may we always be young people who strive to catch up

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Yesterday I met a very strong little boy on Fuxing Road.

He rode his car and chased the two adults on the road ahead.

It was a long way off, but he pedaled very hard, with a frequency of 90 +, and finally caught up at the intersection.

Seeing that he rode so well, I gave him a thumbs up when I passed by him, and he smiled shyly.

The riding atmosphere is really important, it can affect others.

The two adults who ride have stimulated the potential of the little boy.

Maybe he will become an excellent rider in the future.

Think about it.

Sometimes we are too excited about unexpected things, but forget that the most important thing is to try to catch up.

I hope we don’t forget our original intention and will always be the fashion chaser here…