Riding skills: how to set a comfortable riding posture for yourself

When you start riding, your riding posture largely determines your comfort or the distance you ride.

How to set a comfortable riding posture for yourself.

First of all, you should know several “contact points”.

The points you can contact when riding are generally divided into five points (3 parts) in the figure , different settings of these three parts will have different riding postures.

Of course, the height of these three points is also determined by their leg length and arm length.

Put your feet in the right position.

The soles of your feet should bear the weight on the pedal.

Seat angle most men like the saddle nose to tilt up one or two degrees, and most women like to tilt down one or two degrees, but the seat should be adjusted horizontally first.

You can fine tune it later to reach your most comfortable position.

If the seat tilts forward too much, the rider’s gravity will pile up in front, and the opponent and handlebar will exert too much pressure, which will make your wrists uncomfortable.

Set the seat height.

I think most people know that when the rear heel steps on the foot (step on the foot to the bottom), the legs should be upright, and when the front foot steps on the foot, the legs should be slightly bent.

You can try holding the fixture (wall, tree, etc.) with one hand, grasping the brake with the other hand, and then test this height.

Many beginners put their seats very low.

When they can park, they can sit on the seat and touch the ground.

Such a height will cause knee pain, which is equivalent to squatting and walking, which is laborious and inefficient.

If the saddle is too high, it will lead to other problems.

When the pedal is pressed to the bottom, it will drive one side of the whole body down, the ass will swing, and the back and crotch will be under too much pressure.

(of course, some people like to adjust the seat higher, which is more conducive to their sprint) the same seat can adjust the front and rear position (the green part in the figure below can move the seat forward or backward).

The correct position of the front and rear of the seat should be that when the pedal is in the horizontal position, put a rope hung with a heavy object from the knee, and the position of the heavy object should be the same as the center of the pedal (as shown in the figure below).

Handlebar: remember the height and extension distance.

If the seat is adjusted and improved, do not try to adjust the riding posture by adjusting the seat, but adjust the riding posture by adjusting the handlebar.

Turning the handlebars higher will give you an upright and comfortable riding position, on the contrary, it will give you a more inclined position.

After the seat is adjusted, the handlebars should be set according to personal preferences.

As long as the handlebars are at least as wide as the rider’s shoulders, the rest are less subjective.

Some people prefer high, upright riding positions, while others prefer aerodynamics.

As long as the elbow is slightly bent, you can reach the handlebar without uncomfortable extension, or the elbow is bent too much.

Here are several common postures: you can choose from a variety of angles.

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