Riding seems “simple”, and risk prevention awareness is indispensable

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Today I would like to recommend the Encyclopedia of Illustrations.

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At the beginning of school, many children ride their own bikes to and from school, but they should pay attention to riding safety.

On September 5, a child in Fujian came home from school on his bike and ran into the car in front of him.

It was because he put his hands in his coat pocket and rode his bike.

As a result, when I saw the car, I didn’t react in time and hit it directly.

Finally, the police decided that the students should bear the corresponding responsibility* Article source: Qinglan Parents’ Zone (ID: education): a gathering place of 1 million parents of primary and secondary school students, which spreads scientific education concepts and practical education methods to make parenting easier; Develop and provide interesting lessons in various disciplines to make children love learning.

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