Riding safety starts with “head” — without safety helmet, exposure!

Click to pay attention to job hunting and talent recruitment 👇 Ningyuan Zhipin’s head is the most vulnerable and vulnerable part of the human body.

The safety helmet can protect users from fatal injury at the critical moment of an accident or accident.

Please wear and use it consciously to ensure safe and civilized travel.

Today, some riders who do not wear safety helmets were exposed.

Please take it as a warning.

Case review: helmet saving at the critical moment recently, when Chen drove a Xiang mf****9 small car from west to east to the intersection of Yuyan Palace Hotel, Shunling street, Ningyuan County, he collided with a Xiang m8***1 ordinary two wheeled motorcycle driven by Jiang from south to north, causing Jiang to be injured and the two cars to varying degrees of damage.

Fortunately, Jiang was wearing a safety helmet in accordance with the regulations, and he well protected his head in the event of a collision between the two vehicles.

He was only slightly injured.

Source: Ningyuan public security (Click.