Riding safety, starting from the “head”

The 2022 Spring Festival transportation has been kicked off.

When the Spring Festival is coming, we should repeatedly emphasize the traffic safety of motorcycles and electric vehicles.

Remember: riding safety, start from scratch! In order to do a good job in road traffic safety management, effectively prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents in our county, and ensure that the people can have a safe, happy, happy and happy Spring Festival, the traffic police brigade of Zijin County Public Security Bureau has made a big exposure to the recent violations of motorcycle electric power for more than two times and some people driving motorcycles without helmets.

Let’s see who they are! More than two times of motorcycle violations driving a motorcycle without helmet Zijin County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade January 25, 2022 Zijin traffic police warm tips: small helmet, great safety, “head” and other major events don’t get lucky! It is very important to wear safety helmets correctly when traveling.

Motorcycles and electric vehicles have fast speed and poor protection measures, which are very prone to traffic accidents.

According to scientific data, wearing safety helmets correctly in case of traffic accidents can effectively reduce head injury.

Helmets can effectively disperse and absorb impact, play a buffer role, and become the last line of defense to protect life safety.

No helmet, no riding! If you don’t obey the traffic rules, you will be merciless! During the Spring Festival transportation, remind everyone to follow the rules and regulations, travel safely, be a civilized and law-abiding citizen, and jointly create a safe, harmonious and smooth road traffic environment.

[short video] prevention of New Coronavirus infection pneumonia propaganda film to protect peace and happiness is our initial practice and commitment.

Source: Traffic Police Brigade of Zijin County Public Security Bureau editor: Huolan..