Riding safety should not be underestimated

Click the blue word to pay attention to our riding safety, which should not be underestimated.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2022, it was a happy day of reunion, but a sad thing happened.

Recently, the dispatch and command center of Beijing Emergency Center received a call for help.

A 14-year-old boy fell on his bike somewhere in Chaoyang District.

At present, his head is bleeding and is in urgent need of treatment.

The dispatcher immediately dispatched an ambulance and instructed the on-site personnel to press the bleeding part of the patient to stop bleeding.

Soon the ambulance arrived at the scene.

After physical examination and understanding the situation at the scene, the emergency doctor reported to the dispatching command center that two boys aged about 14 were playing on mountain bikes at the scene.

One of them accidentally lost control and hit a tree when diving down from a high slope.

His head was injured.

Sadly, the patient had no vital signs.

Warm tips: 01 do not ride a bicycle on the road under the age of 12.

It is best to be accompanied by parents and do a good job in traffic safety education for children.

02 pay attention to the maintenance of the bicycle and keep it in good condition, especially keep the brake device sensitive.

03 when riding on mountain roads, pay attention to road safety and avoid potholes on the roadside.

When going downhill, be sure to slow down and don’t chase and fight.

04 keep away from the car blind area and do not ride close to other vehicles; Do not ride on unprotected banks and dams in adjacent waters.

05 wear special helmets and protective equipment when riding.

Do not ride in dangerous areas and uneven roads to avoid personal injury..