[riding recruitment order] on June 25, Tongzi Bay saw the endless scenery of the Xiajiang River and felt the charm of riding

Click the blue word to pay attention to our 6.25 Tongzi Bay cycling youth and then set off fengyinglingqi.

How much energy does a person have? Never know until you try.

Once thought that the 25 kilometer ride was a challenge, so we went to Yufeng mountain to challenge 30 kilometers, Mingyue lake to challenge 35 kilometers, and Zhongliang mountain to challenge 40 kilometers.

Every time, they amazed their parents and surprised themselves.

So I want to challenge greater difficulties and move forward bravely on the road of constantly surpassing myself.

This time, we came to the beautiful Jialing River, Tongzi Bay cycling road.

Measure each section of the road with rolling wheels, count every drop of sweat, and experience every moment of growth.

“Introduction to site part01 Tongzi Bay is located in Yuelai area of Liangjiang New Area, adjacent to Jialing River, and has a riverside bicycle lane of more than ten kilometers.

Tongzi Bay is named after Tongzi tree.

Every April, Tongzi Bay is full of flowers and branches, and the whole Tongzi Bay is immersed in the fragrance of flowers and spring.

Riding along the river, you can get away from the noise of the city and enjoy the unique cultural context and intoxicating scenery of the local area.

There is Tongzi Bay Sports and cultural park around, which will be full of Tongzi trees The shape presented in the life process is taken as the core of the landscape, and the production process of tung oil is taken as the design clue to create the cultural context of the park.

The park covers an area of nearly 4000 square meters, fully presenting the unique cultural context of the local area.

Part02 coach jianjielin, an expert in mountain riding courses, a national second-class athlete, a senior physical education teacher, an editor in chief of professional mountain riding courses, a parent-child education expert, an outdoor sports expert, went deep into the hinterland of Gongga in 2010 and rode through Gongga.

In 2012, the northern Sichuan Tibet line (317) was successfully challenged in 22 days, with a maximum riding distance of 181 kilometers per day.

He has organized many college riding sports Outdoor physical fitness training Mr.

Tan, retired athlete, senior outdoor exploration instructor, retired mountain bike athlete, served in the field army, went to rescue for many times, participated in Wenchuan earthquake, flood fighting and rescue, forest fire fighting and other missions, retired from top secret missions after injury, and won a collective first-class merit during military service, Two times of outstanding individual soldiers · camp instructor of China Deng Xiaoping Association · mountain outdoor instructor of China Deng Xiaoping Association · led explorers all over the country to challenge the mysterious Bermuda Heizhu Valley and go deep into the hinterland · led explorers to explore the 36 knife primitive jungle of Shennongjia · went deep into the world’s second largest mobile desert, We also found the ancient city ruins, explored the world’s largest cave hall and successfully passed through part03 in one day.

The training content: balance car control practice: We used the site for balance car control training, and some students broke the record for 14 seconds.

In this course, the teacher will further lead us to learn self balance car control skills and constantly stimulate the brain’s balance potential.

Practice of vehicle control in curve: in the course, we initially realized the importance of vehicle control skills in curve, and let us face the complexity of road conditions more quickly and calmly when entering the curve.

In this course, we will apply the basic knowledge to the actual combat of downhill curves to make our bodies more coordinated and our skills more exquisite.

Part04 challenge Objective 1.

Balance car control challenge: 10 seconds 2.

Curve car control challenge: downhill timing challenge 3.

Endurance riding challenge: 46kmpart05 activity plan [activity plan] activity time: Saturday, June 25 activity location: tongziwan, Yubei after registration, wechat group positioning activity arrangement: 14:00 collection and sign in, Get supplies and equipment 14:20 warm-up game 14:30 physical fitness training 14:40 balance car control challenge 14:50 curve car control challenge 15:00 46km endurance challenge 17:00 summary and sharing.

Parents who take photos can walk in the surrounding parks and breathe fresh air.

The club will set up a rest area at the activity site for leisure tea drinking.

For parents who are not present, we will release dynamic news in the group at any time.

Registration conditions 1.

Please contact the teacher before 20:00 on June 25 (Friday) to register; 2.

Over 6 years old, with basic riding skills; 3.

Safety equipment such as helmet, protective equipment, gloves and riding goggles must be worn when participating in the activity; 4.

Follow the instructions and arrangements of the on-site teachers during the activities, and do not leave the team.

If there are special circumstances on the way, you must report to the teachers in time; 5.

Registration contact: Teacher Liu 18523323113 teacher Zhou 17784293513 charging standard: Member: 2 class hours non member 368/ person.

The fee includes special course design fee, tutor teaching fee, logistics support fee, vehicle transportation and storage fee (only member), material supply fee, insurance fee, post production fee, public material use fee, etc.

Warm tips 1.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, please bring your own vehicles, helmets, protective equipment, gloves, riding goggles and other equipment to participate in the activities; 2.

It is easy to sweat when riding in summer.

Please take change clothes, towel, water cup, etc; 3.

Please take good care of your belongings during outdoor activities to avoid loss.

Registration contact: Teacher Zhou 17783034019-.