[riding recruitment order] on July 2, the wild forest road around Yufeng mountain returned to the original forest

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If you don’t want to go far away, you can come to Yufeng mountain for a leisure ride in the suburbs.

You can ride with the wind and shadow.

You can stay in the mountains or walk along the cliff path, or ride around the lake by bike to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy inner peace in the lush green.

It’s not a pleasant trip.

Yufeng mountain forest park is located in the southeast of Yubei District, with an altitude of 270-848.8 meters.

It is the largest suburban coverage in Chongqing at present The forest park with the best vegetation protection belongs to the subtropical temperate evergreen broad-leaved forest belt.

The 5.2-kilometer bicycle lane is paved with colored asphalt, which is more stable and smooth.

The long red bicycle lane is set off against the surrounding green forests and sparkling lakes.

It shows vitality in the quiet.

During the riding period, it sometimes crosses the pine forest, bypasses the farmyard, and crosses the U-shaped Lane across a pool of clear water, You can enjoy different sceneries in a single ride.

Young people keep forging ahead.

Haveaniceday riding activity content.

Time before the activity: 14:00 on July 2, 2022 (in case of special circumstances, the gathering time shall be subject to the notice within the group).

Gathering and signing in place: see the group positioning equipment: helmet, protective gear, gloves, riding goggles, changing clothes, sweat resistant towels Water cup (students participating in a single course should receive equipment and materials when signing in) in the activity, students: the teacher guides warm-up exercises, and then organizes riding skills training.

Parents: please follow the on-site teacher to the designated site for a rest [challenge goal] endurance riding challenge: 4 laps (5.2km / lap) [activity plan] on Saturday, July 2, Yubei Yufeng mountain, after registration, wechat group sends a message to locate and sign in at 14:00, Get supplies and equipment 14:10 fitness training 14:20 4 laps endurance challenge 17:00 summary and sharing, take photos after the activity students: gather for riding summary parents: please check your belongings, and then return to the vehicle: the teacher collects the vehicle and arranges for storage warm tips: due to the coming of summer, it may be hot on the day of riding, and “wind shadow riding” can prepare dry food and water for the little knights, Parents can prepare clean clothes for the riders to change after riding.

Wenxin registration related information registration conditions: 1.

Please contact the teacher before 20:00 on Friday, July 1 to register; 2.

Over 6 years old or basic cyclist; 3.

Safety equipment such as helmet, protective equipment, gloves and riding goggles must be worn when participating in the activity; 4.

Follow the instructions and arrangements of the on-site teachers during the activities, and do not leave the team.

If there are special circumstances on the way, you must report to the teachers in time; 5.

Registration contact: Teacher Liu 18523323113 teacher Zhou 17783034019 charging standard: Member: 2 class hours non member 368/ person expenses include: special course design fee, tutor teaching fee, logistics support fee, vehicle transportation and storage fee (only member), material supply fee, insurance fee, post production fee, public material use fee, etc.

Warm tips: 1.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, please bring your own vehicles, helmets, protective equipment, gloves, riding goggles and other equipment to participate in the activities; 2.

It is easy to sweat when riding in summer.

Please take change clothes, towel, water cup, etc; 3.

Please take good care of your belongings during outdoor activities to avoid loss.

Registration contact: Teacher Zhou 17783034019-.