Riding post station, rest area… Changping Road “gorgeous transformation”!

Changping Highway Branch started the comprehensive renovation project of the slow-moving corridor of the auxiliary road of Beijing Tibet Expressway in late October last year, widened and improved the slow-moving system of some sections along the two-way auxiliary road of Beijing Tibet expressway, and improved the travel quality of citizens.

At present, the project has been completed.

In recent years, our district has taken strengthening the construction of bicycle and pedestrian system as a new focus to optimize the traffic travel structure, Effectively solve the problem of “the first kilometer” and “the last kilometer” connection and transfer, and improve the safety, convenience and comfort of the green transportation system.

And by continuously deepening the comprehensive management of traffic, improve the regional comprehensive carrying capacity and improve the traffic travel environment.

After the completion of Tongcheng street intersection along the auxiliary road of Beijing Tibet expressway, the non motorized lane and pedestrian walkway will be wider, and the citizens will walk on the newly-built sidewalk more safely and orderly.

The project takes “slow travel first” as the design concept, and uses the occupied green separation belt in combination with the commuting demand and Yueqi demand along the auxiliary road of Beijing Tibet expressway Broaden the traffic width of slow traffic system by occupying hard shoulders and compressing motor vehicle lanes, draw stop markings at harbor type bus stations, set colored pavements for non motor vehicles to guide, clarify riding paths, standardize bus stops, and reduce the damage of vehicle non conflict to local sections The kerb shall be replaced to improve the slow travel environment.

The intersection without indication signs shall be supplemented with indication signs to enhance traffic guidance.

Through the renovation and improvement of the slow travel system along the Beijing Tibet auxiliary road, a convenient, fast and green riding environment shall be created to stimulate the willingness of riding, provide commuter and happy riding support for office workers and fitness and leisure lovers along the line, and promote the green travel of citizens.

The comprehensive renovation project of the slow traffic corridor of the auxiliary road of Beijing Tibet expressway is an important part of the action to improve the quality of Beijing’s urban slow traffic system.

The purpose of building the slow traffic system is to take the slow travel modes such as walking, bicycle and bus as the main body of urban traffic, effectively solve the problems of fast and slow traffic conflicts and the difficulty of slow travel, and guide citizens to adopt “walking + bus” The travel mode of “bicycle + bus” reduces the pressure of traffic travel.

In addition, the “riding post station and urban garden” built by the “gorgeous transformation” of Xiguan Huandao on the Beijing Qingdao line in three months are particularly eye-catching against the blue sky and white clouds.

Four rest areas are added in the green area of the satellite Island, one riding post station and the rest area of the forest path are equipped with seats The street lamp riding post station is equipped with a rest rack, and the bicycle parking rack provides convenient support for riders such as express takeout to rest in the post station, which solves the problem of large traffic around Xiguan Island According to the problem of insufficient rest area, the Xiguan roundabout project of Beijing Qingdao line takes slow travel as the priority, and is committed to building Xiguan roundabout into a “riding post station and urban garden” The lower footpaths for non motor vehicles and pedestrians will be widened and reconstructed, and the existing 1-meter-wide footpaths will be widened to 1.5-2 meters.

At the same time, obstacles such as wire bars will be moved to maintain the continuity of blind roads and better serve people’s travel.

According to Shao Tianran, a member of the maintenance section of Changping Highway Branch, Changping highway branch implements the intermediate repair project of Xiguan roundabout Island, mainly in combination with the needs of surrounding residents, On the basis of full investigation.

Due to the large flow of people in the nearby road section, which is also a gathering point for cyclists, according to these actual needs, the rest area and riding post station are added, the damaged road surface are repaired, the traffic signs and markings are improved, the slow-moving system is optimized, and some leisure and entertainment places are provided for citizens to improve the safety and comfort of citizens’ travel as a whole.

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