Riding, paddling or land surfing, there is always a city outdoor sport for you to chat for a while before going to bed

Talk for a while before going to bed.

There is a world in my dream.

Hello, listener friends.

On the street, cyclists wearing helmets and sunglasses passed by at full speed; In the square, a group of young people walk on skateboards and twist their bodies like riding the wind and waves; In the river, people step on paddles of different colors, or walk, or yoga, or go fishing…

Recently, more and more people have started to try urban outdoor sports such as riding, paddling, land surfing, etc., and related topics on the Internet and social platforms are also hot.

What is the unique charm of these sports? How can participants release their vitality and enjoy a better life through outdoor sports? Today, let’s talk about this topic.

Compared with traditional competitive sports such as foot basket volleyball, urban outdoor sports are generally simple and easy to learn, but can also play a role in physical fitness, leisure and entertainment, attracting fans of all ages to try.

In China, the bicycle is a means of transportation, and many people participate in cycling almost “zero threshold”; Compared with surfing or skiing, land surfing is less restricted by season and site conditions, and participants can also experience the feeling of “flying on the waves”; You can walk with air and slide with a little force.

The paddle makes people feel the fun of playing with water easily.

Thanks to the communication power of social media, some sports that were originally niche have been “broken” into the public view, providing more choices for people’s daily fitness activities, and constantly expanding the boundaries of mass sports.

Under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the operation of some indoor sports venues has been affected to some extent.

Paddle board, Lu Chong and other urban outdoor sports not only meet people’s growing demand for sports and fitness, but also create new opportunities for citizens to understand their homes.

Or you can taste the special food and feel the city style between rides; Or watch the sunset and enjoy the breeze on the paddle board; Or integrate into community groups and contact street culture through land surfing…

While participating in urban outdoor sports, people are constantly feeling the temperature of the city and expanding the width of urban life.

“You can smell the smell of watermelon and mosquitoes when you ride out in summer” “The original most beautiful scenery is around you”…

In the mobile Internet era, people can easily “travel around the world” online, but they are easy to ignore the buildings, streets, flowers and trees around them.

In this sense, urban outdoor sports strengthen people’s perception of the environment and connection with the city, so that participants can enjoy the passion of sports while feeling the warmth of the city.

It is not difficult to find that urban outdoor sports generally have strong social attributes.

Off line, participants learn skills and exchange experiences by joining communities or clubs.

Even if they have different personalities and different occupations, they can also get closer to each other in common hobbies and make new friends.

On line, some enthusiasts who actively try outdoor sports share their sports experience and experience on the platform.

The communication and interaction in the message area, the information sharing in the WeChat group, and the “clocking” help to form an atmosphere of mutual motivation, and the mapping becomes a way to show personality…

The attention and discussion aroused online will promote potential users to participate in offline experience, thus stimulating more people to record the moments of movement on the social platform.

In the benign interaction between online and offline, urban outdoor sports form a cluster effect and achieve sustainable development.

The Opinions on Building a Higher Level Public Service System for Fitness for All proposed that by 2035, the proportion of people who regularly participate in physical exercise should reach more than 45%, and physical fitness and sports leisure will become a common way of life.

The “letting a hundred flowers bloom” of urban outdoor sports enriches the content of mass sports activities and makes more people feel the beauty of sports and the interest of fitness.

Some businesses take advantage of the spillover effect of outdoor sports to create more rich consumption scenes related to personalized equipment, cultural and creative products, catering and entertainment, and city tours.

Many cities have accelerated the construction of sports and fitness infrastructure.

For example, the riverside bicycle lane built in Taiyuan, with a total length of 75 kilometers and 52 bicycle assist systems, welcomed 95000 people to “clock in” on the opening day.

Facts have proved that by planting a healthy life concept and improving relevant supporting facilities, the seeds of urban outdoor sports can grow more vigorously, bring health and happiness to more people, and inject new impetus into the national fitness program.

“A piece of (paddle) board connects people and sports, but also people and nature” “When Lu Chong, he gives the rhythm to his intuition, and focuses on feeling the vibration of the wheels on the asphalt road and the wind in the corners of clothes”…

The feelings of netizens on the social platform explain the charm of these urban outdoor sports.

However, it should be noted that some outdoor sports are still in the initial stage of development, and they still face many challenges if they want to truly reach the public; A few participants pay too much attention to seeking stimulation while exercising, and pay relatively little attention to norms and safety.

Norms are the premise of development, and security is the foundation of everything.

Whether it is to exercise the body, temper the will, make friends, relax, abide by the norms, wear protective equipment, act according to your ability, and pay attention to safety, we can better find the fun of life and release the vitality of life in urban outdoor sports.

This is exactly: paddle line in Chaoyang Park, and bicycle racing on the greenway in Beijing suburb.

Follow the regulations and wear protective equipment to avoid bruises on the legs.

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