Riding on the Tianfu greenway and free flying of the soul — a record of the first activity of the cycling team of the Tianfu Party group

At 10 a.m.

on May 19, 2022, a 15 member cycling team of Tianfu Party group arrived at the gathering place of Huiyue in the South Hall at the entrance of Guixi park.

Organizer Comrade Li Guoyou stressed the precautions, made clear the riding route, and then led everyone to do a warm-up exercise and take a group photo as a souvenir.

From the entrance of Guixi Park, consciously scan the health code to enter, then go to Tianfu greenway, ride from south to East, pass through Zhonghe section, bailuwan wetland and Sansheng Township, ride to the highest point of the three sharp upward turns of Tianfu greenway, turn back to Guiyuan loach manor about 15 kilometers, and the ride is over.

During the break, Peng Zuo taught everyone to dance Gezhuang dance.

In the cheerful music, everyone danced and danced in an active atmosphere, which is also a kind of relaxation after exercise.

This time, the weather was mild and the weather was beautiful.

Everyone was full of energy, chatting and laughing, and chasing after each other.

In particular, Huang Bangmin’s comrades in arms, who often exercised, always took the lead on bicycles, and several comrades in arms kept up.

The beautiful environment is like a natural oxygen bar.

Everyone opens their hearts, embraces nature, burns fat, dredges meridians, opens pores, and feels comfortable and intoxicated.

What we have seen, heard and felt are as follows: first, the design theme of Tianfu greenway is clear, “green water and green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan”.

Humanized design, beautiful and generous, strong sense of three-dimensional space of garden landscape, distinctive personality and advanced concept.

The supporting facilities are perfect, and the greenways are connected to form a network, change lanes quickly, and build a greenway system.

Create a continuous, healthy and dynamic open activity scene.

In particular, the cable-stayed arch bridge has artistic beauty and vitality.

Bridge, water and stone move and jump, with far-reaching artistic conception; Another example is the pursuit of a Ukrainian designer.

Taking the horse’s head as a statue makes people daydream, the spirit of dragon and horse, and achieve success.

It shows the visual impact and the vitality of movement, and makes people keep chasing the movement of life.


On both sides of Tianfu greenway, there are dense vegetation, scattered patterns, shade of green trees, green grass, flowers blooming and fragrant, and happy birds singing from time to time in the forest.

The greenway is close to the ring city, taking stillness in the noise, moving in the stillness, quiet and accessible, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Egrets flock in the wetland, sometimes singing, sometimes flying, singing melodious; A row of drainage Chinese fir stands proudly in the Bailu Bay Wetland.

Line up to welcome us.

With the breeze, the leaves nodded and smiled.

The blue water and picturesque reflection forced us to stop riding and take photos, leaving a beautiful moment.


The new changes in Chengdu are changing with each passing day.

The global center, such as lotus, is open, high-rise buildings are numerous, and Tianfu Avenue and Zizhou Avenue are busy and prosperous.

The municipal Party committee and the municipal government welcome the Universiade with a new attitude.

The Tianfu greenway is about 100 kilometers, the most in the country.

It integrates parks, wetlands and various landscapes, forming a new business card of Chengdu that is harmonious, inclusive, pioneering and progressive.


as demobilized military cadres who choose their own jobs, we enjoy the comfortable experience brought by Tianfu greenway.

We are grateful for life and society.

We should always maintain our true colors, cherish today’s happy life and be a positive energy person.

Life is also a ride.

From riding, you can feel life, transparent and open-minded, colorful life and free flight of soul.

Contributed by: Tianfu Party group editor: Xiang Jun..