Riding on National Day Holiday: Taizhou, the most comfortable city in Jiangsu

After the Mid Autumn Festival, the sun became more gentle, and the wind slowed down.

At this time, Taizhou’s slow life began to show that everything seemed so leisurely.

Come to Taizhou to taste a morning tea, enjoy “plum”, “peach” and “willow” operas, and experience the auspicious culture.

Take a night trip to Fengcheng River…

↓↓↓↓ Enjoy a morning tea, and enjoy the slow time.

01 One cup of tea, one plate of dried silk, one bowl of crab roe, one bowl of fish soup noodles.

Start Taizhou Water City’s slow life.

Visit an ancient temple, Nanshan Temple’s Quiet Autumn Day 02 The autumn feeling is getting stronger.

You can go to Nanshan Temple and listen to the morning bell and evening drum.

You can feel Taizhou’s auspicious culture.

There is a garden in Qiaoyuan, which has a beautiful autumn scenery.

There is more quiet gardens in Qiaoyuan, which are not as prosperous as spring and summer.

Come to Qiaoyuan, feel the autumn scenery, and inspire you to walk in an old street poetically.

Taste the fireworks in Taizhou’s old streets, walk in the old streets, eat Taizhou’s morning tea, taste the leisure snacks, and take a cruise, The night view of Fengcheng River is beautiful.

5 When the lights are on and the willow shoots are on the moon, you can take a cruise boat to enjoy the scenery of Fengcheng River in the autumn wind.

Famous buildings and gardens along the bank are decorated with neon, pavilions, operas are accompanied by jade, and the water surface moves slowly with the rhythm.

The boat is like a tour in China.

There is a city like this: she is rated as the happiest city in China.

Pavilions and pavilions can be seen everywhere.

They are leisurely and elegant, full of ancient charm.

Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has a night scene comparable to that of the Qinhuai River.

It is picturesque, poetic, ancient and dreamy.

Every spring, there are thousands of acres of rape flowers on the water, which is so beautiful that it breaks up the “ancient city in the water” and the “auspicious state”: Taizhou, Jiangsu! Taizhou, Taizhou, Taizhou! For many people, Taizhou seems to be a relatively blank area in Jiangsu.

When checking the most low-key cities in Jiangsu, almost no one thought of him, even many people did not know that there was Taizhou in Jiangsu.

▼ She may not appear in the popular tourism list, but it is also a 2100 year old city.

700 years ago, Marco Polo was fascinated by her.

She may not be a popular online city, but she is also a civilized city in China, a happy city in China, a town of Chinese operas, a town of Chinese soup bags, and the first town of auspicious culture in China…

Yangzhou is comfortable enough, and I never thought Taizhou would be “slower” than Yangzhou! Taizhou, a city of happiness slower than Yangzhou! I would like to have free time during the National Day holiday, be a Taizhou person, and live a slow life in the water city for a few days: watching the scenery, shopping in the old streets, drinking morning tea, and drinking soup bags…

01 Taizhou is slow, slow, and calm under the background of 2100.

Taizhou, an ancient city, has a long history and rich cultural heritage.

Over thousands of years, the city has left countless historical sites and cultural stories.

The ancient buildings and historical sites are still standing still in the thousands of years of wind and rain.

Walking along Taizhou’s ancient streets and towns, you can’t help but become “lazy”.


Taizhou old street, a street that looks simple and unsophisticated, is the essence of Taizhou city.

The distance of 600 meters is not long, but it is enough to evoke the memories of Taizhou people.

Daohe Ancient Street, located by the Fengcheng River, started as an old residential area in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty.

It was not destroyed or submerged by the development of the city.

It left behind the cultural heritage of the city and the homesickness of the people.


Qintong Ancient Town is a secluded town with deep alleys, Mashipu Street and Laojing Courtyard.

On one side of the ancient town is a bustling old street, and on the other side is a narrow, winding, secluded and crisscross ancient stone lane.

With a slight turn, the ancient and quiet old residence of academicians was entered.

Huangqiao Ancient Town is called “Little Yangzhou”.

Huangqiao Baked Cake is a unique place.

Jishi Ancient Town, an ancient town composed of “five streets and seven alleys”, has its own pride, although it can be completed within a few minutes.

There was an interesting saying about the four old streets in the east, west, north and south: asking for money to go to the East Street – pawnshop, to wear the South Street – department store cloth, to go to the West Street – Bathhouse Inn, and to eat the North Street – food.

Ancient villages, such as Dongluo Village, Qixiang Village and Xiaoyang Village, all have a gentle and graceful water style.

The slowness of Taizhou lies in its Confucian charm.

Zhang Huaiguan, a calligraphy critic in the Tang Dynasty, Hu Yuan, an educator in the Northern Song Dynasty, Huang Longshi, the “chess sage”, Shi Nai’an, the author of The Water Margin, Wang Gen, the founder of the “Taizhou School”, Zheng Banqiao, a representative figure of the “Eight Eccentrics in Yangzhou”, Mei Lanfang, a master of Peking Opera, etc.

From ancient to modern times, countless elegant people and objects have created Taizhou’s profound humanistic charm.

Sea Watching Tower, feel the majesty of “Taizhou Culture”.

Enjoy 14 colorful sceneries in Qiaoyuan, Huaizuo No.1 Garden.

In Mei Lanfang Park, enter the life of this legendary figure.

In the former residence of Zheng Banqiao, we remember the “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou”.

“The view of Hailing is covered by nine temples and thirteen temples.” Perhaps it is in the thousands of years of constant fireworks that Taizhou people are quiet, not striving, not fearing, not angry, not worried, not demanding, not clinging, not greedy, and not scrupulous.

Nanshan Temple Buddha’s real body relics are collected in the temple.

Guangxiao Temple has a history of 1600 years.

Many eminent monks have gone to the world from here.

03 Taizhou is a city with the Yellow Sea, Huaihe River and Yangtze River.

One quarter of the city is water, and water is her soul.

The water of Taizhou has created this unique water city, as well as Taizhou’s gentle, quiet, moist and beautiful temperament.


In Taizhou, you can walk around the Fengcheng River.

While most of the city centers are full of tall buildings, Taizhou’s urban center has Fengcheng River, a millennium old city river with a water area of 838000 square meters.

The scenery of Taizhou is mostly around the Fengcheng River, which connects more than 30 scenic spots along the river into one piece, including Taizhou’s history, opera, folk customs and merchants.

When you take a night cruise on the Fengcheng River and pass the Shifang and Meiyuan, you can also enjoy the performance of classical operas by actors.

Boating on the water, a Kunqu opera, a Meixi opera and a Pingtan opera along the way are just like an artistic journey through history and culture..