Riding night statisticians: Will the “Chinese character” suddenly increase the valuation system?

News 1.

The market has changed dramatically today.

At noon, China Unicom and China Communications Construction Co., Ltd.

(CCCC), big players like China Unicom and CCCC, rushed to the trading limit.

Because the leaders said that they would establish a valuation system with Chinese characteristics, the market feedback was very positive.

However, it can be seen that the funds in the market are still not enough.

The funds have been blocked, and the loss of funds in small market stocks is more serious.

Today, the number of losers is obviously greater than the number of gainers.

The money in the small bill is obviously hammered because the big money has gone to the Chinese character.

The speculation funds in Swan shares were closed in a small black house, so the stock price fell by a limit.

Well, it is estimated that this wave of hot money speculation will be restrained.

This will also have a little impact on the market atmosphere, mainly affecting the mood.

I think the current market is probably affected by the World Cup and the double curse of investment promotion strategy, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the market trading is not very active, and it is obviously a little short of money.

There is a lot of energy for big funds to watch the ball.

It is estimated that the market trend in the future should still be volatile, waiting to choose the direction.


According to Weima employees, on the afternoon of November 21, Shen Hui, CEO of Weima Automobile, issued an internal letter to all employees, saying that in order to cope with the financial pressure, he would reduce the operating costs through a series of financial measures, including the initiative to reduce the salary of M4 and above managers and pay 50% of the basic salary; Other employees will be paid 70% of the basic salary, the year-end bonus and other bonuses will be canceled, and the car purchase subsidy will be suspended.

People familiar with the matter said that HR in Shanghai Weima had orally informed employees of salary reduction, while Chengdu Weima employees may face other cost reduction measures.

Well, it’s quite normal for a company to cut salaries and layoffs.

But is the company really able to withstand such a large salary cut…


Goldman Sachs warned that the bear market stage in the US stock market has not ended and may run through 2023.

Investors who hope that the stock market will have better performance in 2023 may return disappointed.

Goldman Sachs strategists, including Peter Oppenheimer and Sharon Bell, pointed out in a report on Monday that the stock market has not yet reached the conditions normally consistent with the low.

The stock market continues to recover, and interest rates need to reach the peak, and the valuation is reduced to reflect the economic recession.

The last Oppenheimer warning was at the beginning of September, when the US stock market had not yet come out of its predicament.

Affected by rising interest rates and still high inflation, the S&P 500 index hit a new low in mid October.

Goldman Sachs strategists believe that the S&P 500 index will close at 4000 points by the end of next year, almost equal to the closing price last Friday.

On the market, the concept stocks with Chinese characters have pulled up.

Today, the market has seen obvious differentiation.

One part of them is the outstanding performance of the weighted sectors represented by banks, insurance and coal.

The other part is the sharp decline of the former high-ranking strong stocks.

Xi’an Diet, Miracle Pharmaceutical, Sanxiang Impression, Tiandi Online and Swan Shares have appeared on the decline limit list.

The gap between the “Double 11” and the “Double 11” has been completely filled.

Today, the GEM has also received a negative line in the process of diving.

The recent continuous downward shock has broken the box central support, and has broken the 20 day line and the 30 day line.

At present, the index is running below all the moving averages, and it is difficult to form a reversal in the short term.

It is expected that the second bottoming trend will be started first.

Today, it is obvious that the Chinese medicine sector, which has performed well before, has seen a significant decline.

The stalling of this hot spot has also affected some other hot spots, such as Xinchuang, web3.0 and AIGC.

Traditional Chinese medicine has also been one of the best performing sectors recently.

According to the K line chart, there has been almost no decent adjustment in the last month.

It has risen all the way without looking back.

Today, there has finally been a relatively big adjustment.

However, the elasticity of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively large.

In addition to a relatively hard concept, individual stocks in this sector also have performance support.

It is considered that Chinese medicine can still intervene in the process of callback, but it is now rising relatively high.

It is difficult to speculate where the callback will go, so it is the best choice to intervene in batches.

In the afternoon, the index rose at the middle of the day.

The stable performance and profits of central enterprises from January to October will be the main driving force for China’s subsequent economic growth.

Combined with the current macro policy shift, central enterprises, as the economic ballast, are expected to welcome historic opportunities.

Yesterday, the CSRC also announced that it should follow the valuation system with Chinese characteristics.

Today, some experts also said that state-owned enterprises, as an important pillar of the national economy, have always been a decisive force in the A-share market.

At present, the P/E ratio of listed companies of central enterprises is less than 8 times, the lowest level in nearly a decade, and 14 times lower than the overall level of A-shares.

China urgently needs to improve the modern capital market with Chinese characteristics to better serve the national strategy, speed up the improvement of valuation methods that fit the characteristics of all types of enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, and reverse the current trend of large “discounts” of state-owned enterprises in the capital market.

As soon as the senior management spoke, the market guided the capital from speculation to investment value.

In general, the main logic analysis of the rise of central enterprises in A-share is in line with the background of the current macro policy era.

The rise of changes today is also a major signal that can be tracked continuously.

However, at present, in the state of stock game, the trading volume continues to shrink.

Pulling the Chinese characters in these large cap stocks will only aggravate the trample on the market, and most of the stocks are easy to avoid disaster.

Due to the large market value, the sustainability of the Chinese character is also difficult.

Today, we all see that the market has pulled the Chinese character, but the market has not pulled it up.

After more than 20 points, it has come down again.

There are still big differences between the long and short.

We are still cautious and operate less..

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