Riding Maofeng mountain 2022 (3)

Apr.292022 Maofeng mountain comes to Maofeng mountain again.

This time it’s not an SUV, cycling or hiking.

This time it’s a motorcycle.

The new car has not been licensed, so let’s take a short distance to run in, and explore the use of 360 panoramic camera at the same time.

HD link: riding Maofeng mountain 2022 (3) http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=3375 The red leaves made twice a year are blooming.

Unfortunately, there is no sun and I don’t even want to take out the camera.

Let’s write a special picture at the front door and take a tour here.

If you have no teammates, take a selfie with you on the plane.

Take a selfie at the top of the red leaf mountain and record a small video to play.

Last time, the red leaves were very beautiful.

Nov.052020 Maofeng mountain red leaves saw that Maofeng mountain red leaves were in full bloom against the season in the TV news.

In addition, there was good weather.

Let’s start right away.

HD link: Maofeng mountain Hongye 2020 http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=2763 So coincidentally, the last time I came here, the big 9 just got the temporary card, and this time the motorcycle got the temporary card.

Nov.052020 there are more opportunities for self driving and cycling and hiking in Maofeng mountain.

This is the second self driving in 10 years.

This time, I mainly came to shoot red leaves.

At the end, I took a big 9 in Causeway Bay Reservoir.

HD link: self driving Maofeng mountain 2020 http://www.sevensem.com/shownews.asp?id=2764 This is a short stay and a journey with the least pictures.

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